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PhpStorm - in PHP language support, editing experience, improvement of debugging and code analysis, and many other powerful join.

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Intelligent encoding assist


PhpStorm intelligent code editor for PHP (including the new language versions and framework), HTML, JavaScript, CSS, sass, less, CoffeeScrip and many other languages provide the best support. You can enjoy PhpStorm to provide you with the intelligent context aware code completion, error detection, dynamic code inspection and repair.

Intelligent code navigation


Navigation performance of PhpStorm efficient, lightweight and convenient is easy for you to control your code base. Use the "Search Everywhere" can direct inquiries to any class, file, or even a IDE operation. The statement, execution or find the use of symbols -- PhpStorm intelligent can understand your ideas and results presented to you immediately.

Fast security reconstruction


PhpStorm can reliably reconstruct the code security, through reconstruction methods rename, move, delete, extraction method, embedded variable and move / pushdown members, change signature, and so on. The reconstruction of a particular language can help you only need to click a few changes in the scope of the project can be completed, and can be safely withdraw.

Easy debugging and testing


PhpStorm to its zero configuration visual debugger is known, provide excellent insight to help you understand application in each step is how to work the. PhpStorm, Zend and Xdebug Debugger together, and can be operated by local or remote. In addition, you can also use phpunit test unit, the use of Behat and profiler integration behaviour driven development (BDD).

Frame support


The mainstream PHP framework for all PhpStorm support, you can rest assured that all try this integrated development environment. The symfony2, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Magento, CakePHP, Zend framework and PHP framework, PhpStorm will provide function based on the specific framework.


Cluster software, development, tools


With git, SVN, mercuria and other version control system using a unified user interface to save your time. FTP/SFTP/FTPS and local installation folder to easily configure automatic deployment; in addition, but also through vagrant to manage the infrastructure, and can fully benefit from those features of the modern tools integration, such as composer, remote PHP on and phing,.


Why choose PhpStorm?



Intelligent PHP code editor


PhpStorm can fully understand the code and your structure, PHP language features to support all the modern and traditional use of the project. Provide the best code filling, dynamic reconfiguration, false alarm etc..



Code quality analysis


There are hundreds of PhpStorm code detector to detect the code you entered, the whole project analysis. Support of the PHP documentation, code and typesetting, rapid repair, and other properties to help you write to support code neat.



development environment


Due to the integration of version control, you can perform daily affairs in PhpStorm the integrated development platform, and it also supports remote deployment, database, command line, vagrant, composer, rest client and other tools.


HTML/CSS/JavaScript editor


PhpStorm encompasses all of the front-end technology to the forefront of tools, such as HTML5, CSS, sass, less, stylus, coffeescript, TypeScript, JavaScript and Emmett, PhpStorm support these tools code refactoring, debugging and the unit tests. Live Edit lets you instantly see changes in the browser.


Debugging and testing


Zero configuration debugging that either using Xdebug or Zend Debugger to debug and analysis of PHP applications have become very simple. PhpStorm supports PHPUnit and Behat, you can directly from the development of IDE and run the test.

Cross platform experience


Have an authorization code can enjoy the same service upgrades and completely personalized PHP integration development environment in windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. PhpStorm you enjoy the performance and stability of cross platform.


New features of PhpStorm 10






Support PHP 7


Support the latest PHP 7 and PHP 7 compatibility check. Apply to: anonymous, return type declaration, empty merge operation, group statement, sensitivity analysis and so on.


data flow analysis


Data flow analysis to help you better understand your project code, explain the complex part of the source code to find the bottleneck and so on. If the project around the third-party code or is the team sharing code and the data flow tracking can make the job easier.


Interactive debug console


Interactive debugging console allows you to change the variable, call the PHP functions and define additional. You can change the expression in the process of debugging and code segment.

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