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PyCharm 5 - outstanding new features lineup, including the python 3.5 comprehensive support, docker integration, concurrent threads visibility, and more.

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PyCharmproduction characteristics


Intelligent encoding assist


PyCharm intelligent code editor for Python, JavaScript, coffeescript, TypeScript, CSS and many other languages provide the best support. You can enjoy PhpStorm to provide you with the intelligent context aware code completion, error detection, dynamic code inspection and repair.

Intelligent code navigation


PyCHarmHigh efficiency, light weight, convenientNavigation features enable you to easily control your code base. The use of intelligent search can be directly query to any class, file, or even a IDE operation or tool window. Jump to the declaration, super class methods, testing, usage, execution, and so on can be completed only a key.

Fast security reconstruction


PyCHarmSafe and reliable to refactor the code can be through reconstruction methods rename, move, delete, extraction method, embedded variable and move / pushdown members, change signature, and so on. The reconstruction of a particular language can help you only need to click a few changes in the scope of the project can be completed, and can be safely withdraw.

Debug, test and analysis


PyCHarmDebugger is powerful and with a graphical user interface, can support python, JavaScript and coffeescript, your code step by step operation, and is connected to a running process, using all available information. Create and run the test using the encoding assistant and a test run based on the user interface. Python profiler integration can enable you to take full control of your code and find the captured snapshots and using color function call graph to display the detailed data.

Cluster software and deployment


With git, SVN, mercuria and other version control system using a unified user interface to save your time; use of FTP and SFTP to easily configure automatic deployment; in addition, but also through vagrant to manage the infrastructure.


Efficient Python and web development


Intelligent support Python


Filling the intelligent code Pycharm, code detection, dynamic error bright display, automatic correction, automatic code refactoring and rich navigation function enables you to enjoy excellent assist code in order to facilitate the completion of Python in all the major functions.

Intelligent cross technical support


In addition to the python, Pycharm also supports JavaScript, coffeescript, TypeScript, HTML / CSS, cython and template languages, angularjs, node.js and so on.

Web development framework


PyCharm for modern web development framework, such as Django, flask, Google App Engine, pyramid, and web2py provide good specific framework support.

Remote development function


Pycharm but make you through remote compilation, integration of SSH port and vagrant integrated running on the remote host or a virtual machine, debugging, testing, and deploying applications.

Built in development tools


Immediately available magic Kit: an integrated debugger, graphical test run the program, using the integrated git, SVN, mercurial, and built-in database tool support.

Custom and cross platform IDE


Just one authorization code, PyCharm can be in Mac, OS Windows or Linux operating system on the perfect run. You can customize the color theme, keybind and VIM simulation to enjoy the exquisite and excellent working environment.


Why choose PyCharm?






Intelligent assistant


Fully understand your code. Pycharm will provide intelligent autofill code, dynamic error detection and quick fix, easy to use program navigation function.


Code quality expert


PyCharm by checking the peps, assist in testing, intelligent reconfiguration and a series of measure to help you write a neat maintainable code.


Encoding partners


PyCharm make the normal operation of your daily work, so you can focus on more important things and simply enjoy encoding can be. As long as the use of the keyboard keys you can use most of the high efficiency of the PyCharm function.

Just for what you need


PyCharm is designed by the programmer and designed for the programmer. PyCharm provides you with all the tools you need to make your highly efficient and enjoy the use of Python.



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New features of PyCharm 5



Full support for Python 3.5


PyCharm 5 now supports all new features of Python 3.5. Including the PEP 0484 - type PEP - 0448 tips, unpacking the generalization and PEP - 0492 and wait for asynchronous collaborative fragment. Choose Python 3.5 and start enjoying the fun of the latest Python 3.5.


Integrated Docker


Docker, a distributed application developers and administrators are widely used, open platform, now integrated to the PyCharm among 5. With this integration, you can specify a Python annotation from the Docker container and it will be used in your program.


Linear concurrent visualization


Linear visualization is a new advanced features of PyCharm concurrent join in 5, which allows you to completely control your multithreaded application. Using the concurrency map button, you can run the thread in your program running through a graph.


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