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AppCode 3.3 - supports Xcode 7, Objective-C generic and multiple Swift 2 functions.

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Product characteristics



Intelligent code assistance


Reliable reconstruction


High efficiency project navigation

AppCode can perceive the context of the intelligent editor, you can provide intelligent code filling, dynamic templates, multiple cursor, automatic uniform code format, etc..

AppCode through security, accurate and reliable reconstruction of the time to modify and improve your code, whether you want to restore the old code base or to refresh the project structure, AppCode can be easily done for you.

AppCode provides you with a quick navigation of any one of the methods to declare a method to this method, you can immediately jump to any file, class or project symbol, or view all the use of a symbol, not just text matching.


Detailed code analysis


Seamless CocoaPods integration


High efficiency unit testing

AppCode's code analysis will not miss any of the problems. It monitors code and gives you a prompt when your code can be improved, and uses a simple and quick fix to ensure that all appropriate changes can be automatically used.

AppCode allows you to use all the features of CocoaPods related management. AppCode code in the pod file and related operations, but also can automatically install and update these pods files.

AppCode support and XCTest, Google, Test Kiwi and OCUnit testing framework. Intelligent navigation and code generation options for unit testing can make your work more productive.


Why choose AppCode?


Have a smart development environment


AppCode will be able to further understand your code structure, so that you can complete your daily tasks, save your time for additional input. In addition, it can also provide you with intelligent code filling, layout, re ranking, automatic import and powerful navigation options and code generation. Using a powerful LLDB debugger, the use of its flexible breakpoints, observations, frame views, and evaluation expressions to quickly improve your application and unit testing.


Have a complete experience


AppCode and Xcode are fully compatible and interoperable. AppCode and most of the mainstream of the version control system, kiwi and Google testing framework, dash and integrated with document authoring tools, cocoapods, reveal the application and issue tracker can seamlessly integrated. AppCode of course also has an integrated user interface.


Pay attention to the quality of the code were


AppCode can continuously monitor code quality, which will alert you to code errors and bad code smells as well as methods for automatic prompt fixes for these problems. Static Analyzer Clang is also very good, as well as a large number of reliable refactoring allows you to easily and accurately and intelligently to remove bad code, improve code quality.


Have a variety of language integrated development environment


AppCode supports Objective-C, Swift, and C++ C (including C++11 including, libc++, Boost), JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and Xpath. You can use your preferred language to create a X iOS/OS application.


AppCode 3.3New features


Compatible with Xcode 7


AppCode 3.3 is fully compatible with 7/7.1 Xcode, including the Objective-C's generic and the new null keyword.

Support Swift 2


AppCode 3.3 supports Swift 2 analysis, perfect, error code highlighting, loop syntax, etc..

Swift debugger


Check your Swift application using AppCode 3.3. Built in variable view is also useful for Swift, and can help you analyze the Swift code more easily, and the right side of the editor will always display variable values during debugging.

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