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RubyMine 8 - gemsets Rbenv management gems experience improvement, better Bundler, faster debugger, and more other features.

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product features


Intelligent encoding assistance


RubyMime's smart code editor for and Rails JavaScript, and CoffeeScript ERB, and HAML Ruby, CSS, Sass, and many other languages provide the best support. You can enjoy RubyMine for you to provide the intelligent context aware code fill, error detection, dynamic code check and repair.

Intelligent code navigation


Intelligent search in RubyMine can easily jump to any class, file, or even a IDE operation or tool window. Simply click on a button to complete the declaration, the super class method, the implementation of or search for symbols.

The view and model based on MVC RubyMine, and GEM correlation can enable you to enjoy a fast navigation function in the Rails project.

Fast security reconstruction


RubyMine can use the security of the rename, delete, extract method, the introduction of variable, inline variable and more reconstruction method to reconstruct your Ruby code. Rails aware refactoring can help you perform changes in the entire project area, such as when you rename a controller, and also rename the helper, view, and test.

Debugging and testing


RubyMine debugger features powerful and graphical user interface, you can support Ruby, JavaScript, and CoffeeScript, and you can set breakpoints, step by step to run your code. All available resources are on your hand. Create and run RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, MiniTest & Test, and use code assistant and graphical user interface test run for unit testing.

Seamless integration tool


RubyMine integrates Task Runner Rake, Generators Rails, Bundler, RVM, Zeus, and other tools that can be used to reduce the use of the command line. Of course, as an integrated development tool window, no matter when you need to use the terminal can be easily used.

Cluster software and deployment


With Git, SVN, Mercuria and other versions of the control system using a unified user interface to save your time; use FTP and SFTP to easily configure the automatic deployment; in addition, it is also available through Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, CapistranoTo manage infrastructure.


Why choose RubyMine?


Have intelligent editor to make the work more quickly


RubyMine understand your project, and the code format, intelligent code fill, powerful navigation and fast archiving and other functions to help you generate high quality code more efficiently and with syntax and error.


Have a code smell detection and elimination


RubyMine supports the best social solutions, code monitoring can test a variety of types of errors in the Ruby code and Rails code, fast repair option can provide dynamic improvement of the code, automatic security refactoring can make your code more accurate and easier to maintain.


Have enjoy the design work area just perfect


RubyMine personalized color theme, keyboard theme and all the tools you need to develop efficient development of the tools are integrated in the same interface will make you feel very comfortable and easy to use. In this integrated development environment, you can use the VCS, terminal, Rails, IRB, Rake, and other tools that you prefer.


Have a good testing and debugging.


Code in the Rubymine to help, a specific test code check and easy test run the user interface to form a test framework. Have good to hear or see fully customizable user interface and advanced graphical debugger can achieve intelligent monitoring and stack breakpoints, unique views, expression evaluation etc..


Have to stay ahead


RubyMine and most of the advanced Ruby and web development tools are well compatible. You can enjoy Ruby 2.2, Rails 4.1 & 4.2, Sinatra, RubyMotion, AngularJS, and many other tools for the first class support.


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