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Source code collaboration tools designed specifically for software development teams


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Code review and code library browsing


Upsource for browsing the source repository, and team members or other people to share, discuss and review the code, support for Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce.





Upsource product features


- change history


Upsource tracking code changes, including the submission of history, changes in comparison, check the list of differences in the list, as well as in the form of diagrams to visualize the operation of branch and merge.


- Code Review


Upsource helps team members provide quality and maintainability of the code, and through the implementation of changes to the individual or the entire branch code review to improve the transformation of consciousness.

- document review and review


Upsource in the form of a variety of language syntax highlighting and suitable layout, to help you in any version of the project and read the code file. If you find a problem when you read the code, you can choose the code and leave a comment without having to open the code review or go to another view.

- press push


In the project's root view, upsource will show you the latest developments in the project in the form of news push. In addition, you can choose to display only the contents of your.

- internal Java code


Java developers can enjoy a series of features similar to the IDEA IntelliJ integrated development environment, including code checks, find use, or locate a symbol declaration.

Share code


When you encounter sense of interest code fragments, or may become a bug in the code, you can by choosing copy a URL with team members to share: they can see with a code has been highlighted in a revised version.

- analysis code


Upsource will provide a report on the relevant developers and code review activities for a project. For example, it can visualize the workload of different reviewers or show the proportion of the code that has been completed to review and still need to pay attention to.


Why choose Upsource?


Have instant access to all of your project


Upsource with friendly user interface allows you from a central location exploration and monitoring all the VCs library, Upsource for most new projects are very useful, because it can from the GIT, mercurial, subversion and perforce library reading related information.


Have a tracking code change


Navigate to a specific revision, check inline or side by side differences, track the recent submission, branch and merge, and search project history to know who did what.


The use of instrumental automatic code hinting and completion function in Java project


In the Java project, you can enjoy the Upsource code auto prompt and complete functionality when you read and review code, search usage, and navigate to a symbol, just as you are using IDEA IntelliJ.


Have any changes you explore in the repository


In Upsource you can enjoy quick access to any state of the current or previous item code without the need for a local check out. Browse the project structure, view the highlighted syntax of the file, search code files and text.


Have a discussion with the check code


In Upsource you can discuss and change the code with the team members, create a code review in the revised version or the entire branch, and keep good communication with the team during important changes.


Have code sharing links


Use URL to link to each of the code, including changes, branches, code review, differences, discussions, reports, search filters, files, and even code selection.



New performance of Upsource



Code review in IDE


Upsource will be introduced as a variety of IDE plug-ins to help users do not have to leave their own development environment to complete the management code review and participate in the code to discuss.


Comparative code usage


In side by side comparison differences can be compared to any two different versions of the use of Java code, as well as to see which of these codes are added, removed or not changed.


A more rapid code review


From the revised list to create a code review, according to the history of changes to automatically propose amendments proposed in the code review to show or hide personal amendments, accept or reject changes.


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