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production characteristics


TeamCity is a humanized version for professional developers and construction engineer of continuous integration (CI) server. Its installation and installation is extremely simple, but also to the small team to provide free.

Were Java


- to provide for any ant, Maven 2 & 3 or based on Gradle project of the continuous integration (CI) function can not only put into use immediately, and without a modified version of the build script. In addition to support the IDEA IntelliJ project;

- providing more than 600 for the following language for server-side automation code inspection, including Java, JSP, JavaScript, and CSS-- and can put to use immediately.

- provide unit testing based on JUnit and TestNG. And there is no need to modify the version build script; real-time reporting failure test; test automatic reordering "first failure (failed) first";

Use Emma or IDEA based code coverage framework to achieve the server side code coverage;

- Maven and IDEA based on the IntelliJ project code duplication finder;

- full integration with IntelliJ and IDEA Eclipse.



Any other project solutions and use the MSBuild or NAnt version supports Visual Studio build script;

Can immediately use any.NET test framework for testing, including: NUnit, MSTest, MSpec, xUnit and Gallio. TeamCity will automatically report the test without any changes to the version build script;

- automatic support for all engines currently applied to NCover:.NET, PartCover, or dotCover JetBrains;

- FxCop and ReSharper to provide support for code duplication finder;

- with visual studio to fully integrated: version build notifications, browse version construction results and navigate to the source code, code coverage highlighted in dotCover.

Were Ruby


- supports the use of RVM, Bundler, or SDK Ruby to build the Ruby project;

- you can use any publicly available tools (for example:: unit, test spec, shoulda, rspec, cucumber) to unit test;

- with the JetBrains rubymine fully integrated, including running version, after pre testing of submission, browse version build and unit test results of other techniques.

- teamcity by using third party plugins also supports the following test framework: Gallio, xUnit, boost test (c + +), CPPUnit (c + +), unit test (Python) and nose (Python)

Have a distributed version control system


- teamcity support: subversion, GIT, mercurial, perforce, team foundation server, sourcegear vault, CVs, IBM Rational ClearCase, Borland StarTeam and visual source safe.

Using Mercurial or Git, TeamCity can be configured to trigger the "personal version of construction in the branch on the selected mode". These releases do not trigger the success of the project. "Individual build" is a good way to test the individual changes before it is integrated into the main branch.

Have the system requirements


TeamCity is a Java based server application, it should be installed on any platform supported on Java;

- TeamCity comes with the HSQLDB database, but can be configured to use an external database. Support external database includes: MySQL 5.0.33+MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008, PostgreSQL CD8 +, Oracle 10g+, a Sybase ASE 15.0.3

Have a major advantage


- automation code analysis, coding, and testing process, version of the construction progress, problems, and failures of the test make immediate feedback, all of which can be achieved from a simple and intuitive web interface;

- run multiple versions and tests at the same time in different configurations and platforms;

- built in pre tested submission and personal version of the help to ensure that your team to maintain an uninterrupted continuous workflow;

Through for version build cycle, success rate, code quality and customize the standard of custom statistics to see build history;

- close integration with EC2 Amazon to support the economic benefits of the infrastructure needed to adjust the version;

- you can easily extend TeamCity functionality and add new integration with API Java


Aimed at the crowd


Managers, building engineers - overall customer support


Teamcity you will never feel lonely, you can get help from a variety of support channels, including public issue tracker, community forums, detailed online documentation. A teamcity enterprise version of the service license has receive priority support and direct access to the core development team to get fast and high quality solutions.


Developer, manager - either you extend


Whenever you need additional special features, TeamCity has more than 100 kinds of available plug-ins can fully meet your needs. You can also create a plug-in with a custom function by using the open application interface of TeamCity.


Developers - better performance


You have to use the traditional method in continuous integration, or by using Git or Mercurial to branch? Either way, TeamCity toCovering a wider range of features for developers to make your team a better performance.


Managers, construction engineers - rely on the scalable architecture and authorization


TeamCity more intelligent, so you become more powerful. Its licensing model allows you to completely free and smooth start to expand your server performance. When the installer you grow, you will find the TeamCity maintenance process will be simpler than you think too much.


Developer, manager, build engineer from the first day to save you time


Whether you are written in Java,. Net or mobile platform to develop, teamcity just in a few minutes you can grasp the main points you need, in the installation package.


Building engineers, developers, continuous integration and configuration


TeamCity contains all of the features you are looking for in a mature sustained configuration platform. Nowadays, TeamCity is definitely the best choice for building engineers and developers.


TeamCity 9.1 new features



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