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Developer Suite SQL

SQL development kit to help you develop and manage the database

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Including development, version control, change management, and other 9 tools


Connect your database to the version control system

Comparison and synchronization database schema

Comparison and synchronization of database content

Easy to write, layout and reconstruction SQL code

Quickly search your database in Server Management Studio SQL


Generate the actual test data quickly according to the column name and table name

Automatically generate database files

Writing and running unit tests in Server Management Studio SQL

You will be the first to know about any changes in the database.





SQL development kit to help you to develop and manage the database?


Comparison and configuration of the database schema and content


UseCompare Pro SQL, Data Compare Pro SQLCan make change management becomes simple, you only need to click a few times a mouse or generate a consistent SQL script to complete the comparison and configuration architecture and content.


-Save the time for synchronization: quickly create a comparison, check the differences, specify the need to synchronize the changes.


- eliminating errors in the configuration process: creating an exact script for the manual configuration database upgrade.


- making preparations for your database automation: the use of Source Control SQL and DLM automation packages can help you control your database, create continuous integration and release management, and automate configuration.

Configuration from version control and backup


UseCompare Pro SQLAndData Compare Pro SQLYou can make a database change from your backup or version control.


- from the version control configuration: use Source Control SQL to upgrade the database directly from the version control system.


- synchronous backup and script file: use the local backup file, SQL backup file, or SQL script as the source of your database changes.

Easy to write SQL code


UsePrompt SQLInsert/alter/join code can be written in the SQL code.


- Code fill: get your key words and object recommendation, and complete the insert/alter/join statement in the exact condition.


- SQL code segment: encoding, as fast as possible, to add your favorite code segment to the list.


- the history of the history tab: save, search, and restore your query tab in the Server Management Studio SQL.

Keep code readable


UsePrompt SQL, a button click to complete the inheritance code can read, so that the team work to maintain consistent standards, as well as custom code style.


- code layout: click on the button to re layout of any query statement in accordance with your preferences.


- a summary of the operations that can be obtained from any script and the summary of their commands.


- custom layout: use Prompt SQL to set the style you prefer to your team.

Make your database documentation without worries


UseDoc SQLCan reduce duplication of work, so that your team to keep pace with the times, automatically generate and review through the completion of the database file.


- get instant documentation: easily generate complete data files, including the definition of objects and related details.


- use.Html,.Chm, or word Microsoft documents for your favorite format.

Server Management Studio SQL for database version control


UseSource Control SQLTo make the team work more simple, to create a real single data source for the database development, the first step in the life cycle management.


- Source Control SQL Management Studio Server, you can access the version control without leaving your integrated development environment.


- two times to make your database keep pace with the times: from the version control to get the latest updates, directly from the object explorer to share your changes.


- apply to your version control system: insert your database code into Foundation Server Team, Subversion, Git, Vault, Mercurial, Perforce, or any other version control system.

Tracking database changes, and to understand the details of the changes


Source Control SQLA detailed record of data changes will be provided to facilitate tracking management and recovery of these changes.


- simple security change management: check the submission of comments and review the SQL changes at the line level before accepting the upgrade.


- zero risk: try to change it in your local version, but if you don't want to change, click a few times to recover them.

In the early stage of the unit test, bug


UseTest SQLIt can be found in the period of vulnerability is easy to fix, and lay the foundation for continuous integration


- use the familiar T-SQL test: write tests in Server Management Studio SQL, and then run them with one click.


- share testing with colleagues: check your tests and code in version control and share them with your team.

Quickly generate completely custom test data


UseData Generator SQLQuickly create test data that is real and fully customizable, and do not need to share private data to speed up the database test process as well as the demo database.


- make your database stand up to the test: use a large number of real data to test your database and make sure that they stand up to the test in any environment.


- comply with privacy regulations: generate the actual presentation data, in the case of not revealing sensitive information to your customers to show how your application works.

Eliminate invalid objects


Prompt SQLA complete list of invalid objects will be generated, including the specific details of the problem, so that your database can be kept tidy and reliable.


- get each invalid object: Prompt SQL will check your entire database, list the cause of the problem, give the object name and type, so you can quickly find and fix them.


- click to check your repair work: refresh invalid data list, review your repair work.

To find and fix errors caused by the database.


UseCompare Pro SQLCan accurately identify the differences between the database and they remain consistent.


- to find the difference between the database: Compare Pro SQL can find all the differences between the database schema, and highlight them, so you can quickly eliminate errors.


- quick to keep the database consistent: just a few clicks you can generate a SQL script to fix the error, or directly from the user interface to apply changes.

Recover damage or loss of data


Using Data Compare Pro SQL to reduce the pressure on the database to reduce the repair database by synchronizing your search data at the line level.


- job level work: you can be at the level you need - table, column, row, and synchronize data.


- quick build repair script: create scripts to restore your data to a consistent, and can work directly on the user interface.


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