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DLM Automation Suite The

DLM automation suite perfect upgrade Server SQL development process

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How to improve the development process of Server DLM SQL automation suite?




Through continuous integration to find loopholes, accelerate the development of the database


UseSQL CICan eliminate the problem of the configuration of the risk, and the use of automatic change management to help you develop a database.


- effective database structure, behavior, and configuration: CI SQL checks your database structure, determines the configuration of your database changes, and obtains the actual data from the Data Generator SQL for unit testing.


- build, test and package in the same process: you sign in or whenever you want to run the program, CI SQL will run your database through four steps: build, test, sync, publish. Finally, in a continuous integration or publishing management tool, you will get a NuGet package that is available for testing.


- automatically change the document: you are making changes in the CI process to run the Doc SQL toolbar (optional steps) to upgrade your database documentation.



Create secure database automation by using the built-in review steps



UseRelease SQLCan make you more frequent updates to the user, eliminate the configuration process in the human error, and to help your operation and maintenance team to ensure that the changes are in production.


- automated production configuration: use your favorite continuous integration or release management tool to generate and test a SQL script that can be used to automatically configure the database.


- built in review steps: database administrators and operation and maintenance team can get a complete Server SQL change script, including summary, comparison report, any potential data loss warning.




Tracking database changes through real-time architecture detection


UseDashboard DLMCan monitor the database schema, observe the architecture changes and make a warning to the database changes.


- make sure that you are running: if something is happening in your latest configuration, Dashboard DLM can find out exactly what is happening, and if you need to configure it.


- a review of the complete audit history: review by the difference of progressive, and for changes to the detailed information so that you can get a complete schema change history.


- email alert changes: whenever your database changes, you will instantly receive a message that contains information about the change.



You can work and configure your application on the basis of your previous creation


SQL CIAndRelease SQLYou can integrate the continued integration and publishing management tools that you use to develop your application, so you can also test and configure your database. You can get more information from your development infrastructure without changing the way you work.


- this package is equipped with additional TFS, City Octopus and Deploy Team, and for Bamboo and Jenkins is also a corresponding open source plug-ins.


- if you use a different creation server, you can be integrated with the CI SQL command line. And because Release SQL uses the PowerShell command line tool, you are working on any other release management tool or automation system.



Compare SQL - 71% of the hundred companies will choose the comparison and synchronization Server SQL database structure of the tool


DLM automation suiteCompare SQLEngine (currently the world's most trusted Server SQL database change technology) to deal with the problem of database automation.


- industry standard technology: 71% of the top 100 enterprises and 30000 business organizations are using Compare SQL. For comparison, synchronization and deployment of Server SQL database, this has become the industry standard.


- for 14 years, thousands of developers and database managers rely on Compare SQL and Data Compare SQL two tools to change their database. You can rely entirely on the efficient deployment of Compare SQL zero error.



What is included in the DLM suite?


To change your database through continuous integration and publishing management.



Use powerfulRedgateCommand line tool to build more complex deployment


ThroughDashboard DLMTrack database schema changes


Structure monitoring


Make you become the first person to know how to change the database schema

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