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Crowd-Web application identity management [with Chinese support]

On Crowd platform to manage all of the application's access permissions - Atlassian, Subversion, Google applications, or your own development of the application.


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Crowd - identity management of Web applications

A single sign on and user identity management tool is provided, which is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to integrate. Users may come from anywhere - Windows active directory, LDAP or Crowd itself, or even mixed together. Manage all applications in a location - Atlassian, Subversion, Google applications, or your own application development.

Authorization mode:
A Crowd business license includes:
1 deployment of a single Crowd instance on a server in a production environment;
2 create unlimited number of pages, spaces, and reviews;
3 permanent use of Crowd;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and phone, email support;
5 to provide all the source code.
For more information, please refer toEnd user license agreement (END USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN).
What is the number of users:
User number refers to the number of users who are present in the application and have access to the application. The number of users here corresponds to the number of registered users who have access to the application, rather than the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to anonymous users, anonymous users are not included in the number of users.
Chinese technical support including:
Support for system operation failure.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the installation.
Assist in resolving the problems encountered in the upgrade.
Responsible for the software defects found to the original manufacturer
Instruction software configuration and implementation.
Technical support description:
1, technical support: in the period of authorization, to help solve the problems encountered in the installation of Atlassian related products, upgrades, and guide the implementation of related products, as well as support for the system operation, but does not include the compiler code, program code checks, software design or other consulting services. Technical support is limited to the purchase and registration of Atlassian related products in China, technical support language is limited to simple / traditional chinese.
2, technical support level: E-Mail support, three working days to reply.
3, by Xin Chong (Shanghai) Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Thinkpower) provides technical support Chinese experienced technical expert.
Technical support does not include: please contact us if you need any additional support! Email:sw_service@PROG3.COM; telephone: 010-57410251; QQ:2714137330;
Not in the technical support of the effective period of the customer
Not purchasing software products from CSDN
The original factory has stopped supporting the version, the Beta version, the release version, the development version, the user defined product version (custom = source code has changed).
Problems and requests for development
Support for non production environment
Third party application integration problems with third party applications
Support for end users (please refer to the necessary knowledge to obtain support)
Chinese Mandarin and English language support
Professional services (available for additional purchases)
Provide an overall solution
System customization and Implementation
System performance tuning
Deployment and load planning
Installation and upgrade services
Product training
Document writing and Translation

bright spot

Connect user directory

Managing Atlassian applications


bright spot

The central authentication server
Through an independent management panel, you can manage users from multiple directories, the same, you can also manage the permissions settings for different applications.
- SSO: single sign on
A single sign on means that the user is authorized to access all the applications at once. This is a great convenience to users, they just need to remember a user name and password can be. Crowd supports single domain single sign on.
The connection of all
When you upgrade an application or need downtime to ensure that the user can log in to other applications.
The integration of their applications
To provide a developer with a REST interface, you can get all the user and group information, do not need to learn LDAPv3. You do not need to affect your application, you can change the user directory.

Connect user directory

Support multi directory
Mapping a user in a number of directories into an application, which is a good solution for managing users that do not belong to the primary directory. In a local management authority, when the user is very simple to disable.
The management team members
Unable to edit the user's group information in the directory, put your users in the LDAP, and manage their group information in the Crowd. You can automatically add them to the specified group when you create a new user.
You create a user alias
This is often the case, the same user in the Subversion called "Paul", and in the active directory called "paunphy"". By using an alias, you can allow a user to use a different user name in a different application.
Managing Atlassian applications
The merge user base
Atlassian application in the user migration to the unified management of Crowd, you can significantly reduce the cost of management. Built in import tools to help you facilitate the migration of users, and provide a single sign on for Atlassian applications.
- SSO: single sign on
Just verify once, the user automatically log all Atlassian applications: JIRA, Confluence, FishEye, Crucible, Bamboo and other Crowd only support a single domain name login.
The full time service
When you upgrade an application or need downtime to ensure that the user can log in to other applications.
Support project
Will become simple and complex. Crowd supports managing large scale users, groups, and applications.

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