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Software- JIRA (Agile JIRA+JIRA) agile project management tool [with Chinese technical support].


December 31, 250-500 users to buy gift for 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Software JIRA  
Start with agility, that's the way it is!

JIRA software not only has the JIRA powerful workflow engine with agile development is one of the most important elements, such as scrum, Kanban (Kanban) and real-time reporting, JIRA software for the development of high-quality software created new standard!

Software JIRA includes all the features of JIRA and Agile JIRA.

At present, there are more than 6300 JIRA users at the same time to buy the JIRA Agile plugin to practice Scrum and agile kanban.

Authorization mode:
A Software JIRA business license includes:
1 a single instance of Software JIRA is deployed on a server in the production environment;
2 create unlimited number of projects and issues;
3 permanent use Software JIRA;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and email support (in English);
5 provide all source code.
For more information, please refer toEND USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN (end user license agreement).
What is the number of users:
User number is the number of users who have access to the application in the application. The number of users here is the number of registered users who have access rights to the application, and not the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to an anonymous user, an anonymous user is not counted.
Chinese technical support include:
- support for system operation trouble
- assist in solving the problems encountered in the installation.
- assist in solving problems encountered in upgrading
- responsible for the discovery of the software defects to the original manufacturers
- guide the configuration and implementation of the software.
Technical support:
1, technical support: in the authorization of the effective period, to help solve the problems encountered in the installation and upgrade of Atlassian related products, to guide the relevant product design and implementation, as well as the support of the system running failure, but not including the compiler code, program code check, software design or other advisory services. Technical support is only limited to the purchase and registration of Atlassian related products in China, technical support language is currently limited to simple / traditional chinese.
2, technical support level: E-Mail support, three working days to reply.
3, by Xin Chong (Shanghai) Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Thinkpower) provides technical support Chinese experienced technical expert.
Technical support does not include: (if need other support, please contact us! Email:sw_service@PROG3.COM; 010-57410251; QQ:2714137330;
- no technical support for customers within the validity period
- not from CSDN procurement of software products
- the original factory has ceased to support version, Beta version, the candidate released version, the development version, the user defined product version (custom = source code has been changed)
- issues related to development and requests
- support for non production environment
- third party plug-ins and third party application integration issues
- support for end users (please refer to the necessary knowledge of support)
- Chinese Mandarin and English
- professional services (available for additional purchase)
- provide overall solution
- system customization and Implementation
- system performance debugging
- deployment and load planning
- installation and upgrade services
- Product Training
- writing and translation of documents

Why choose Software JIRA



Installation integration


Why choose Software JIRA

The flexible plan
Scrum? Check. Kanban? Check. Software JIRA rich feature set allows you to plan and adopt the best agile practices. Software JIRA, Confluence, and our Dev tools (such as Stash) integration, you can provide a perfect development experience.
The professional development priority
Create a user story to create a product Backlog. Fill in the other fields required by the component, the successful standard, the business value, or the team used to plan and execute the work. By dragging the user stories and defects in Backlog to sort the business value of the biggest story on the top of the Backlog. If you have a large Backlog, you can set up filters to filter specific user stories or defects.
It will be a new level of visualization
Team members can update the story state or edit the details in the pop-up story view by dragging and dropping. You can see the state of all the tasks you see at one glance, and no more cards from the entities. Software JIRA makes collaboration more transparent, because everyone can share the same interface, whether they are in the local office or remote.
The safety release
More sensible management of the release process, Software JIRA includes Hub Release tools: a real-time display of the release process and the status of the instrument panel. Hub Release can avoid the risk, alternative to the meeting, and to provide a more secure release process.
We will never stop the iteration
Good team will continue to evaluate how they work together and how to improve, Software JIRA provides a lot of real-time reference monitoring team activities report. From charts sprint to health gadgets JIRA, Software burndown will provide all the data, so that your team can develop better software.


The Scrum criterion
Scrum is an agile method, in which the team arranges the work in accordance with the time block called Sprint. Team to make a commitment to deliver software to customers at the end of the sprint.
The task analysis (Backlog)
In the process of job sorting, the team will estimate the amount of work required to complete the story (Story) in order to prepare for the sprint plan. The story can be broken down into a task or supplementary acceptance conditions, so that the team can clearly complete the standard.
The sprint plan
Product Product (Owner Product) will select a subset from the top of the product (Backlog), and then use the sprint tag to transform this subset into Backlog Sprint. All the stories of the sprint marker will be discussed in the sprint planning meeting, when the sprint begins, the problem becomes the commitment of the team to deliver.
Sprint visual processes
The story Lane allows team members to understand the progress of each independent story. When all the technical tasks under a certain story are finished, the product owner will be reminded to change the status of the story to complete.
Figure (Burndown Chart) - burn
The team used to burn down charts according to their sprint goals to track progress. If the goal is to change, as the dash adds another story, it will be reflected in the picture.
The sprint review
Sprint review conference using sprint report. The report details the initial commitment, scope change, and team deliverables.
The Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban
The basic principle of Kanban applied to the existing Scrum framework, and improve the development process. According to the number of story points or add column constraint problem, avoid bottlenecks and possible free time.


The Kanban (Kanban) criterion
Kanban is a catalyst, through subtle and gradual manner gradually improve your existing processes (both scrum or something else). Rooted in the lean production, Kanban can be regarded as a signal system and has been effectively applied in software development, development and operation (Devops), it operation and maintenance and other process in.
The visualization of your workflow
The column on the panel is corresponding to the steps of your current workflow, which can be added or deleted at any time according to the changes in the process. Kanban team usually in a panel setting longer process or wait state, such as adding a columns to display the state of "waiting for customer response". ?
The level of the lane
On your panel uses swimlanes to classification problems, and help you according to the grade of service (such as "emergency") to develop valuable workflow. You can use the JIRA query language (JQL) to configure the lane, fully configurable classification standard.
The set of constraints
Kanban team through the panel from left to right to change the state of the drag operation. Set the minimum column constraint to identify the idle capacity (yellow) and maximum column constraints to identify bottlenecks (red). ?
The mobile phone to collect feedback
Increase Mobile Connect JIRA in your mobile application, collect feedback from your mobile users. When the mobile application crashes, it can automatically send a full report to JIRA, for analysis and reporting.
The problem of measuring the turnaround time
Problem working time is the time (not including waiting time) to process a problem. Delivery time is a problem from the total time spent on the completion of the proposed. Stories of the same size are usually required to be consistent with the problem of turnaround time, which provides the customer with predictability.
The trend analysis
Through Flow Diagram Cumulative (cumulative flow chart) to monitor future trends and analysis of the historical process, the identification of the work is where the beginning and where the bottleneck. ?

Installation and integration

We add content to your agile wallboard
Configure a JIRA wall panel, so the team has an information release, you can use it at the team's daily station. Add a chart, sprint burndown charts, remaining days, sprint cumulative flow diagram etc..
We use JIRA Capture to improve the quality of
Don't make quality assurance (QA) into a bottleneck, and the power of the test will be delivered to each team member. Use Capture JIRA to create a test task, and then look at the Agile JIRA panel to see the open and the user story related to the test task.
We create a team calendar
Visualization of sprint date and delivery date to improve the transparency of team activities. Using Calendars Team (team calendar plugin), you can show the team sprint and leave.
The plug-in integration
Agile JIRA can be integrated with other JIRA plug-ins (such as Tempo and Wallboards JIRA), so as to provide the team with a seamless plan and report experience. There is more demand, now use API JIRA to integrate your application with Agile REST! ?
It is simple to install
Using Universal Plugin Manager JIRA (general purpose plug-in) to quickly install and update the Agile JIRA plugin.


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