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Bamboo- continuous integration and release management tools [with Chinese technical support]

Bamboo uses a wide range of applications, not just to run the build and test. Bamboo can connection problems, submit code, test results and application deployment. Therefore, for the product team, project of global view fleshed out.

December 31, 250-500 users to buy gift for 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Continuous integration and release management

Bamboo uses automated management to build a proxy mode, running on a variety of dedicated server or cloud server agent to achieve the ability of real-time dynamic expansion, can connect problems, code submission, test results and program deployment, JIRA integration can achieve complete release process, but also directly from your ID Bamboo. Therefore, for the product team, project a global view of the fleshed out - from the project manager to developers, testers, and system administrators.

Authorization mode:
A Bamboo business license includes:
1 a single Bamboo instance is deployed on a server in a production environment;
2 create unlimited number of pages, space and comments;
3 permanent use Bamboo;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and phone calls, email support (in English);
5 provide all source code.
For more information, please refer toEND USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN (end user license agreement).
What is the number of users:
User number is the number of users who have access to the application in the application. The number of users here is the number of registered users who have access rights to the application, and not the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to an anonymous user, an anonymous user is not counted.
Chinese technical support include:
- support for system operation trouble
- assist in solving the problems encountered in the installation.
- assist in solving problems encountered in upgrading
- responsible for the discovery of the software defects to the original manufacturers
- guide the configuration and implementation of the software.
Technical support:
1, technical support: in the authorization of the effective period, to help solve the problems encountered in the installation and upgrade of Atlassian related products, to guide the relevant product design and implementation, as well as the support of the system running failure, but not including the compiler code, program code check, software design or other advisory services. Technical support is only limited to the purchase and registration of Atlassian related products in China, technical support language is currently limited to simple / traditional chinese.
2, technical support level: E-Mail support, three working days to reply.
3, by Xin Chong (Shanghai) Software Technology Co. Ltd. (Thinkpower) provides technical support Chinese experienced technical expert.
Technical support does not include: (if need other support, please contact us! Email:sw_service@PROG3.COM; 010-57410251; QQ:2714137330;
- no technical support for customers within the validity period
- not from CSDN procurement of software products
- the original factory has ceased to support version, Beta version, the candidate released version, the development version, the user defined product version (custom = source code has been changed)
- issues related to development and requests
- support for non production environment
- third party plug-ins and third party application integration issues
- support for end users (please refer to the necessary knowledge of support)
- Chinese Mandarin and English
- professional services (available for additional purchase)
- provide overall solution
- system customization and Implementation
- system performance debugging
- deployment and load planning
- installation and upgrade services
- Product Training
- writing and translation of documents


Not just build automation

Timely feedback

Continuous deployment

Expansion ability



The continuous integration
Through the automatic construction process of Bamboo, the test and the change of the code will be tested and integrated. Manual steps will be used only when needed.
We extend your construction
By Bamboo, you can expand the common build, test, and source control tools, thus creating a parallel build up that can run on multiple agents (at the office or at EC2 Amazon).
We create a continuous delivery pipeline
Bamboo unique Stages (stage) concept, so that the establishment of the entire product from the source code control to build pipelines, become very simple. Run multiple test tasks in parallel, and then run the deployment in order to run the environment... Constant repetition!
We keep building success
When building an interrupt, the, IM, RSS, IDE or Wallboard, and other practical alert mode, for your team to provide the necessary tools and information for rapid repair. Failure and change summary function, through the test results, build log and source code differences in the detailed analysis, for you to point out the right direction of efforts.
The problem of link JIRA
You can create the JIRA problem without leaving the Bamboo, and can track those issues that affect the construction of the results, and can also view the results of those issues in JIRA!
The release management
Just click a button, and they can to the customer release new software and update all related JIRA issues, relaxed confidence to deploy bamboo provides the rollback feature), you know that bamboo makes you do prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.

Not just build automation

Let the existing tools play a better role
Bamboo can be integrated with the tools you have already used, including:
The source control tool - Subversion, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce
The construction tools including Maven (1,2 and 3), Ant,.Net, Make and command line tools
The automation testing tool with any xUnit output tools, such as jUnit, Selenium, PHPUnit automation test
The code of quality management tools, such as Sonar and Atlassian Clover tools.
It is not only compile and test
The Bamboo construction plan is composed of a continuous running phase (Stage), which contains the tasks (Job) in parallel operation. Through the Bamboo build, you are easy to do:
The multiple target platform parallel compiling and testing
The long time running function test before the first, fast running unit tests
The test is divided into - can run in parallel batch tasks, to shorten the time of discovery and feedback
The construction of the pipeline
By stage (Stage), work (Job) and task (Task) automation, the construction process will be decomposed into many small automation units, the construction of real-time feedback, faster identification of failure to save time. Construction can run in parallel in order to shorten your build time.
The distributed construction
Remote agent runs on a server or a virtual machine, not a Bamboo server. A Bamboo server can simultaneously manage dozens of remote agents, using all available computing power to get the most rapid feedback.
Parallel work to compile and test in different platforms
With the same - support plan of the construction, so as to eliminate the feedback delay
- according to the need to start more shorten construction agent queue
Timely feedback


The real-time notification
The developer's work is different, so Bamboo provides a variety of ways to send event notifications. Access to the latest information via email, HipChat, instant messaging tools or IDE pop up windows.
The results of each build
- each failure
The first failure or by construction
The new comment
- and more
I appreciate your construction results
Quick view view:
The test summary - including the construction of new, established and repaired failure
The code changes in this building who changed the code
The JIRA problem caused a code change - to understand what JIRA problem
The branches of integrated details - revision number, branch and merge the results
- note - from your colleagues note
You stay in your IDE
Connectors Atlassian can integrate your Eclipse (Visual, Studio and IDEA IDE IntelliJ (integrated development environment) directly with Bamboo.
The operation of construction
The notification is received in IDE
The detailed view of construction results
I know more details
What has changed in the construction of the failure? Build error and test failure occurred in where? Just click on the results summary, you can get the key details from the building results summary, including:
Detailed test results all failed to build record
All the building of log output
The code in Stash or FishEye - difference
The measurement and reporting
Does your build speed decrease with the increase in the code base? Are more and more tests fail? Bamboo's build statistics report will answer these and even more questions:
Construction of continuous - time within a certain period of time
The number of failed test - within a certain period of time
The mean time to repair the failure
The construction duration of the queue - within a certain period of time
The statistical report of each author, including number, percentage and has failed to trigger more

Continuous deployment

The continuous integration
Fast feedback cycles are very important for agile teams, and parallel testing helps to maintain a shorter feedback cycle.
- for parallel test in different environments
- through the parallel running test to shorten the feedback cycle
The concurrent running of multiple construction of the same program
The deployment of its own way
Daily QA environment, or publish to the user through the test of the story.
In the stage of construction of sharing (Stage) between the workpiece
The rapid deployment of new environment
- build on past failures, re operation has been successfully deployed
We shared the workpiece
At each stage (Stage) the application is re constructed and can be improved by reducing costs. Use shared artifacts to pass your work to other stages of work (Job), so you can easily submit, build, test and deploy!
The custom build
For the development of personnel, the construction of the individual is widespread. For example, when a defect is diagnosed, a revised version of the specified number is constructed, and it is constantly adjusted. Even when building is in the process, you can customize the parameters and adjust the.

Development ability

The distributed construction
Remote agent runs on a server or a virtual machine, not a Bamboo server. A Bamboo server can simultaneously manage dozens of remote agents, using all available computing power to get the most rapid feedback.
Parallel work to compile and test in different platforms
With the same - support plan of the construction, so as to eliminate the feedback delay
- according to the need to start more shorten construction agent queue
The elastic agent
With EC2 Amazon, you can get your hardware resources at any time.
The elastic agent which is running on the Amazon EC2 cloud on-demand application
- only in the Bamboo task starts to open Amazon EC2 instance, can greatly reduce the cost of
Auto management agency
Can refer to proxy policy, automatically start or stop the cloud proxy:
- the fastest feedback when building enter the queue, automatic start agent
The lower price will spare time to a minimum
Define your build activity by setting up a strategy set up!

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