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Service Desk- JIRA service platform

IT and service team with the tools, the leader in software service platform!

December 31 recently, online purchase orders 250-500 users give 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Service Desk JIRA

Fast, easy to operate, out of the box



JIRA service desk for your customers provide simple and intuitive user experience, and has strong SLA support, custom service queue, automation request management and real-time reporting and other functions, is more than 10000 it team will choose a powerful tool for the trust.



Authorization mode:


singletonService Desk JIRABusiness license includes:

1 in the production environment, the installation of JIRA Service Desk a JIRA instance on a single server in;
2 permanent use of Service Desk JIRA;
3.12 months of software technical support services - including a new version of the update and telephone and email support (local time).

For more information, please refer toThe end user license agreement (ATLASSIAN END USER AGREEMENT).


What is the number of users:


The number of users and the number refers to the existing permissions to access the user of the application in the application. Corresponding to the number of users here is to have access to the number of registered users permissions the application, rather than the number of concurrent users (concurrent user). If the application is open to anonymous users, anonymous users are not included in the number of users.

Service Desk JIRA product features


solve the problem


Concise interface can make your customers with easy and convenient way to get the help they need. At the same time, your agent can also quickly solve the problem.



Set priority


Strong, visualization of the SLA priority can automatically service request assignment SLA targets, so that your team can use valuable time to solve the real problem.



Repetitive tasks can be resolved automatically, your agent can concentrate better to solve some difficult problems.



Generate report


Can JIRA Service Desk to statistics, identify bottlenecks, identify trends, so that the team's efficiency improvement.

JIRA Service Desk software service leader


Intuitive and friendly user interface

Through an intuitive and simple, clean, friendly JIRA Service Desk client interface, support becomes simple hitherto unknown. Customers will only see what they require, the plain language to fill out the support request form.


Advanced SLA support

Behind every great support team, you will find these teams through service level agreements (SLAs) to help them continued to deliver excellent performance. Via the JIRA service desk, you can set a variety of SLA metrics assessment of the real-time performance, and the highly visual SLA targets to drive your team continuous improvement.


Custom task queue

To provide a highly flexible JIRA query language (JQL) support, you can ensure that each support staff can process the right request at the right time. Manual classification and prioritized has become history.


Based on JIRA

The world has tens of millions of developers to manage their work by JIRA. Now, IT, maintenance and support team can also be used JIRA. If you are an existing JIRA customers, only a few clicks you can quickly set up JIRA Service Desk. Choose JIRA platform as you help desk support system, can make the development personnel, operation and maintenance and customer service personnel in a unified platform to work together. To set up a system, the maintenance of a system, a learning system.



Upgrade your service desk to a class


Share knowledge


willConfluenceAdded to the JIRA service platform, customers can find their own solutions to their needs.



Through the HipChat you can receive key information whenever and wherever possible, never miss any notice.


Execute ITIL


ITIL contains the existing template for the accident, change, problem and service request, you can always use these templates.


Track assets


Through the built-in asset management plug-in, you can understand their own equipment used in where at any time.



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