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For Confluence- Questions online Q & a platform

Facilitate the team members to ask each other and quickly get the answer to the efficient platform!


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For Confluence Questions

Share more knowledge with Q&A



Acquisition, learning, and collection of knowledge in an organization. In the company to establish a similar Baidu encyclopedia, the application of knowledge. Help team members to ask questions, ask questions, identify experts.



For Confluence Questions can not be used alone, please confirm the purchase has been installedConfluence.


Authorization mode:


A for Confluence QuestionsBusiness license includes:

1 in the production environment, a server in a Confluence instance of the installationFor Confluence Questions;
2 permanent use
For Confluence Questions;
3.12 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and phone calls and email support.

For more information, please refer toEnd user license agreement (END USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN).

What is the number of users:


User number refers to the number of users who are present in the application and have access to the application. The number of users here corresponds to the number of registered users who have access to the application, rather than the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to anonymous users, anonymous users are not included in the number of users.


For Confluence Questions product features


Put questions to




Many times, the answer to a problem in the work is more difficult than imagined, so you need a platform to facilitate the team members to ask questions and quickly get the answer.



Get the best answer



With all the strength to quickly find the answer, the best answer will be placed by voting.








Accompany you around



Your questions and the answers you need are in your place, so that you can quickly get everything you need in the same place.





Use of knowledge



Whether in a web page, blog or in Questions, as long as a move, you will be able to find all the knowledge of your team in Confluence.




Organize and discover topics



Topic makes the problem become organized and easy to query. You can refresh and learn more from the topics you are interested in and find the experts for each project.




Specified query



Select the range of questions you want to ask to make sure the right people see your problem, ask questions about sensitive questions to the personnel or financial department to understand their team, or to broadcast the entire enterprise, so that everyone can participate in the quiz.




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