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For JIRA- Capture agile testing tool

For each of the development of high quality software team is an indispensable tool for agile testing!

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For JIRA Capture

Found the problem, rapid correction


For JIRA Capture is an indispensable tool for every team that has a high quality software development. It can enable your team to get rich and detailed feedback information quickly and continuously.

Capture submitted by for JIRA Bug is more likely to be reproduced. Developers can now take valuable time to fix the problem rather than the incomplete report.


For JIRA Capture is not available. Please confirm that you have installed it before purchase.Core JIRAorSoftware JIRA.

Authorization mode:
A for JIRA Capture business license includes:
1 a single for JIRA Capture instance is deployed on a server in the production environment;
2 create unlimited number of pages, space and comments;
3 permanent use of for JIRA Capture;
12 provide 4 months of software technical support services - including new version updates and phone calls, email support (in English);
5 provide all source code.
For more information, please refer toEND USER AGREEMENT ATLASSIAN (end user license agreement).
What is the number of users:
User number is the number of users who have access to the application in the application. The number of users here is the number of registered users who have access rights to the application, and not the number of concurrent users (User Concurrent). If the application is open to an anonymous user, an anonymous user is not counted.

Intended for

Continuous feedback

exploratory testing


Intended for

The team
Each member of the team is responsible for the quality of the product, for JIRA Capture for all stakeholders in the project design, whether it is the product of the responsible person, the developer, the designer, the quality engineer and the user can make the product quality to be promoted by the rapid development of the problem.
The developers
For JIRA Capture provides a complete bug report for the developer, including all the necessary information that allows the developer to quickly reproduce any bug. Developers can also customize the for JIRA Capture to automatically collect information about the application they need.
The designer

Designers in the product of the user experience to try their best, they can be raised by other team members to ignore some of the problems. Capture for JIRA allows designers and engineers more effective communication, this is a win-win way.

The quality engineer

Quality engineers can provide feedback on all aspects of the product from the perspective of the user, so they have a pivotal position. For JIRA Capture enables quality engineers to develop fast in any project, and quickly put forward feedback based on user experience.

All the people

The most successful companies will focus on their own products to ensure that in the discovery of the problem and improve the quality of products, the team members can take heart. For JIRA Capture allows any person in the team to make comments and feedback at anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere.



Continuous feedback

The fast copy

Engineers to reproduce the bug, can be faster to solve the problem. For JIRA Capture can record standard variables, such as URL, browser information, screen resolution, for JIRA Capture can also record any other product team needs and application specific information.

The instant screenshots

In order to make the reporting process more efficient, the for JIRA Capture automatically captures the current web screen shots at each time of the defect. Add additional screen shots to the existing defects for more details.

The meaningful notes
If a graph, it can be more than thousands of words to explain results, then a screenshot notes the effect will be better than millions of words. Through Capture JIRA, you can quickly highlight the problem area, fuzzy sensitive details, add notes, add the things you want to do. All of these can be easily achieved through the browser.
It can adapt to the workflow

Each team has a unique value for product testing. By allowing the team to create and share a custom template for a predefined field, for JIRA Capture allows each organization to improve its product for a particular test requirement.


exploratory testing
The collaborative test
The exploratory testing is raised to a new level. Testing in a team can make you more problems and deliver better products. For JIRA Capture to record all session details through the launch team to achieve a quick question.
Auto Record
For JIRA Capture test process. It can record all the cases, screenshots and questions raised in the test session. According to the project or personal problems, fast browsing and screening of all testing activities.
The amount of growth

Agile development is the pursuit of continuous growth. For JIRA Capture helps the agile development team to improve product quality by providing a report on the number, type, and bug source of each version.



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