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Xamarin- cross platform development tool (Android for) [with Chinese technical support].

October 14, the purchase of Xamarin commercial version / flagship version, Watch Sport iPhone or 6S Apple

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Xamarin cross platform mobile development solutions, so you can use C# to develop iOS, Android, Windows 8 Apps!


Choose Xamarin's reasons:
1, C# development, compiled into iOS and Android native code, non HTML5 solutions.
2, any Objective-C (iOS) and Java (Android) can do, Xamarin can do.
3, the implementation of the 100% and the implementation of the original platform (Objective-C, Java) development.
4, combined with Visual Studio Microsoft development tools, to make the development more convenient and quick.


Product authorization instructions:
1, product permanent authorization.
2, including 12 months of the original technical support.
3, including 12 months of Chinese technical support (provided by CSDN partners).


One minute to see how the Xamarin cross platform development of native App!



Each version of the authority:

Commercial Version (most enterprise use)
Compared with the original plant, the technical support of the Chinese, and the original flagship version of the original factory Hotfixes, to provide an enterprise can rely on the program.

Flagship Version (for larger teams)
High specification technical support: including real-time telephone support and a working day in the email reply, as well as the starting course, to help you feel at ease.
Built in the enterprise components: contains more than 6000 kinds of value: $RMB (UI Controls, Themes) built-in components, make the development more quickly.


MSDN application for user preferences:
This program is Xamarin for the global MSDN users to provide a favorable solution, only for MSDN users, if you are MSDN users are welcome to contact us for program content (010-84783783), such as the need to purchase MSDN subscription, please visit:Http://


Enterprise component
Contains more than 6000 kinds of value: $RMB (UI, Controls, Themes) built-in components, make the development more quickly
Mobile Platform SDK SAP:Http://
IOS SQLCipher:Http://
Android SQLCipher:Http://


Local (China) technical support services

Professional IT staff in the Xamrin encounter technical problems, ThinkPower technical support engineer team will personally help you solve technical problems. On the basis of customer purchase, customers can ask questions and get answers to technical support engineers through telephone and email. We address the issue of software as a "technical support request" (also known as incident), through our engineers to you carefully and professional technical support, and provide appropriate solutions or alternative solutions, fully assist you to more effective use of Xamarin for development.


Support Xamarin Business Edition includes Email technology, do not need to pay extra.
Xamarin ultimate intron number and the Email technical support, do not need to pay extra.

Support content
Assist in the installation, setup, operation and use of Xamarin, as well as troubleshooting.
Technical support is only limited to the purchase and registration of Xamarin in China, technical support language is currently limited to simple / traditional chinese.
Use Xamarin development tools (Studio Xamarin, Studio Visual) in the software development problems encountered, but does not include the compiler code, program code checks, software design or other consulting services.

Unsupported range
Technical support.
Problems caused by third party components.
Solution consultation service. Solution consulting service belongs to the consultant service, solve the technical support needs, including the following items:
- Programming and checking the application's program code.
- product performance tuning
- the service is based on the problem solving service, do not provide to find and confirm the root cause (cause root)


Purchase process
PleaseSign inCSDN account number (no CSDN account number please register) - select the product version that needs to buy - click on the purchase - to fill in the order page information - select the payment method - to submit orders - payment (purchase process is completed)

If you have a problem, please call me.010-57410251, or online consulting service QQ Click here to send a message to me.

Publication consultation:

Consulting reply time is 9:00-18:00, please be patient and wait for the reply. If you have a problem, please call me.010-57410251.

Consultation content:
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