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Test Cloud Xamarin


Test for mobile applications is becoming more simple!



Test Cloud Xamarin can be used in more than 1800 kinds of practical devices to automatically carry out the test of mobile applications, you can write their own testing procedures, but also to our engineers to build a set of test procedures.



Delivery users will like the application


Test Cloud Xamarin allows you to perform automatic testing on more than 1800 kinds of actual devices, allowing you to find errors before you publish your application. And can help you to simulate the user to use the habit, whether it is to knock, press, double click or roll. Test Cloud Xamarin for each step of the memory and performance tracking can be easily found in any system performance issues. The final format of the beautiful report also allows you to easily understand what should be done next.



Test your application on more than 1800 devices


The industry's largest cloud platform running applications, including more than 1800 real devices. Based on the shape factor, the producer, the operating system or even the target market penetration rate choice equipment. And our company will add 100 new equipment every month to the sample library, if you have special needs for the equipment, we will try to meet.

Technical details


As users interact as language


- execute click, double click, slide, rotate, long press and so on.

- writing programs to create custom gestures for advanced interaction

- UI elements, application model and back-end server, through public or private endpoint query

- using the CSS selector to query interface elements in a hybrid application

The use of instrumental equipment characteristics


- change GPS position

- click on the physical device button

- boot device camera

- rotating device, which is carried out between longitudinal and transverse modes


Have you used to know and love tools


- C# and Cucumber to write test procedures.

- Studio Xamarin or Studio Visual to write test programs in C#

- integrated standard NUnit test run

- iOS and Android different platforms to share test code

Instrumental analysis of application performance


- check the full screen shots and video playback of each test for each step

- get performance data (memory, CPU, duration, etc.)

- compare the report with the results of the earlier run, find out the regression and the bottleneck.



InstrumentalContinuous testing


- automatically run Test Cloud Xamarin in Studio Online Visual and create and get a working program so you know what problems need to be repaired.

- a collection of TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, or any continuous integration system through a custom compiled command.

-The parallel characteristics separate the test execution, which makes them perform at the same time on the same device, which greatly improves the test speed.


InstrumentalOur expert will serve you wholeheartedly.


- Xamarin professional automation engineer will provide you with the hands of the teaching to help you open the Xamarin trip.

- to help you learn how to automate your application, or we will create and maintain a set of test programs for you.


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