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FishEye- source code depth view tool

Depth view source code, tracking source code history!

December 31, 250-500 users to buy gift for 4 hours online installation and deployment support, 2000 users and above give 2 days of on-site technical support (not including travel)

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Faster to make better decisions.


With FishEye, you can browse, index and search your code from Subversion, Git, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce and other source code management systems.





To see the changes in the parallel code or code changes, the Software JIRA to track the source code activity, directly linked to the difference contrast, change set details or source code.




Graphics rendering your source code activity, the code line to generate a real-time report, and visual review and tracking changes in history.




Code, JIRA, and Crucible review the activities of these activities, and be able to track all activities that occur during the project in real time, and the event log can reflect the activities of the directory, author, project, and even separate files in multiple repositories.




The file name, path, a wildcard character, even changed the course of history as a search condition, to help you quickly and accurately search options.


Development workflow


In the submission of information to add a simple syntax can be used to upgrade the JIRA Software problem or intelligent submission method or Crucible code review.

Association Code


The combination of FishEye and Bitbucket can receive the repository update information in real time, and can be used to create Crucible code for the submission of information.

Continuous integration


Use the Bamboo to continue to integrate your code, see your creation in FishEye to change the code that you created.


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