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Micro channel mall development actual

Mobile Internet time to make a complete micro channel mall system development tutorial

Hand in hand with you to explain profound theories in simple language, exploring the WeChat mall development code

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The purpose of this book is to hand in hand to lead the reader from the shallower to the deeper realization of a WeChat mall system. The main content includes: how fun micro channel public number, how the micro channel number of the public API interface to achieve a variety of functions, and how to carry out the micro channel mall system development. At the same time, the book comes with a complete project source code, the reader can run directly after download. Finished reading this book, readers will be how to develop micro channel mall to have a complete understanding, can according to their own ideas to achieve a belong to your own custom mall of micro channel system.

Chen Wei, graduated from Northeastern University, received a master's degree. In Beijing, Sichuan Telecom, Yucheng technology science and technology as an engineer and architect Gao Weida. Gao Weida science and technology is a time to gain insight into and solve the financial needs of the enterprise information, stable China IT company. To provide a full range of information services, including application software design, development, application consulting, system software and large-scale data center management services. It is one of the few financial software companies that have many practical projects to cooperate with international manufacturers, but also one of the service providers that can provide the whole solution of modern banking.

The first chapter is to write code to get along well with WeChat public No.
1.1 micro channel development process
1.2 micro signal category
1.3 micro channel public number case
1.4 have their own micro channel service number
1.4.1 group function
1.4.2 automatic reply
1.4.3 custom menu
1.4.4 customer service
1.5 edit mode and development mode
Don't write code to get along well with the subscription number 1.6
1.6.1 graphic editing mode -- advanced use of Word layout a lot of text
1.6.2 graphic editing mode advanced -- using HTML CSS to achieve a variety of effects
1.6.3 graphic editing mode advanced -- Outside the Box
1.6.4 graphic editing mode -- advanced skills
1.6.5 graphic editing mode -- the ultimate law
The second chapter micro channel service number development foundation
2.1 micro channel platform working principle
2.2 service number access
2.3 development and debugging environment
2.3.1 uses Eclipse and Xdebug to debug PHP code
2.3.2 using the emulator debug micro channel program code
2.4 produce our own menu
2.5 development and implementation of custom message recovery function
The third chapter micro channel mall development
3.1 mall home development
3.2.1 web template
3.2.2 home page advertisement carousel
3.2.3 recommended list of goods
3.2.4 footer section
3.2 mall user center
3.2.1 user center home features
3.2.2 address management functions
3.3 product details page
3.4 shopping cart and payment process
3.4.1 shopping cart
3.4.2 payment and settlement process
3.5 log in registration system
Appendix jQury the use of APHP verification framework