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ING programming: everyone can learn to program design (color)

IT wizards Cai Xueyong new works, full of interest in the program design book

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Now is the era of IT, work and life can not be separated from IT. Many people want to understand the principles of software, and even write some simple software. By "programming ING: everyone can learn to program design," a book, you can have such ability, and even develop the interest in programming.
The programming ing: everyone can learn to program design "in the preparation of the psychology of some skills, each page has drawn beautiful color pictures and is equipped with corresponding explanatory text, by way of figure of strengthen the explanatory, and pictures with the following words echo each other, to repeat the effect, can enhance memory. Readers thinking in pictures of the process, in the process of reading and writing to strengthen understanding and in a hands-on practical experience and learning effect is quite good.
"Programming ING: everyone can learn how to program design" is divided into three parts: the first chapter describes the principles of programming, second about the syntax of the details, the third is the example demonstration. The first focus on breaking the barriers, so that readers have a basic understanding of programming, no longer feel strange or fear. The second chapter of the thesis explains the grammar and content arrangement of explain the profound things in a simple way, unlike the general program design books that kind of boring, but also emphasizes hands-on experiments. The third paradigm will first two pieces of knowledge integration, and design examples of progressive breakthrough, make learning slope is quite gentle and explain all program elements, including circulation, the branch, function, the recursion and modular.
Anyone who wants to learn programming, this book will be a wise choice.

Cai Xueyong, Taiwan Tsinghua University master computer, Innovation workshop chief sermon architect, former university lecturer, technical director, trainer, programmers and translators, editing technology, technology columnist writings and translations dauben computer books, including "sleepless Java", "deep into the light design patterns" in 1983 began to learn program design mainly used the language of nine

Recommended order

First articles
Programming principle
The first chapter is the understanding of programming
The second chapter uses interactive environment
The third chapter script file
The fourth chapter character encoding
The fifth chapter is the principle of the interpreter
The sixth chapter context and vocabulary
The seventh chapter is the operation of multiple contexts.

Second articles
Syntax and semantics
In the eighth chapter, everything is worth
The ninth chapter data type
The tenth chapter
Eleventh chapter indirect value
The twelfth chapter detailed path
The thirteenth chapter is the loading and execution
Fourteenth chapter function calculation
The fifteenth chapter of a program's life

Third articles
Procedure example
The sixteenth chapter defines the function
The seventeenth chapter branches and loops
The eighteenth chapter "and" logic calculation
The nineteenth chapter "or" logic calculation
The twentieth chapter multiple branches
The twenty-first chapter of Morgan's law
Module and architecture of the twenty-second chapter
The twenty-third chapter traversal
Twenty-fourth chapter recursive call

Conclusion it is just beginning