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Products Pack-Jetbrains All value full kit

Package includes IDEA Ultimate ReSharper, Ultimate IntelliJ and other IDEs (Pycharm, WebStorm, etc.)

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In November 2015 2, the purchase of a permanent authorization of the old customers will be entitled to a special discount of the new authorized subscription. For more information, please contact: Tel: QQ;:2714137330 010-57410251

Products Pack All - Jetbrains full kit, the value beyond your imagination!


"Products Pack All is a multi product licensing portfolio, to provide all the Toolbox JetBrains subscription mode under the right to use all products, including the cover: IDEA AppCode, IntelliJ, CLion, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm, Ultimate ReSharper (including C++ dotTrace, ReSharper, dotCover and dotMemory).


IntelliJ idea ultimate is the most intelligent of Java IDE, out of the box set including with today's mainstream technology and the framework of perfect integration of tools and integrated environment for enterprise and web development provides unparalleled user experience. Advanced reconstruction, real-time code assistance, convenient navigation, intelligent filling and stunning high performance, will give developers a high productivity beyond imagination. Ultimate Resharper is an efficient extension for Studio Visual applications, to help maintain and improve the Sudio Visual project in the C#, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other language code. It can detect the removal of errors and bad taste code, accelerate the speed of encoding, providing rich navigation and search capabilities, more than 40 kinds of reconstruction methods, as well as hundreds of code conversion, as well as more for.NET developers in terms of the application is very suitable for the function.

Designed for Web and PHP developers to create a professional integrated development environment.

For the integration of Ruby and Rails development environment, for the use of Ruby language for the development of Web developers to provide the most necessary tools and comfortable and convenient development environment.

For Python language to create a lightweight IDE, through the Django framework and App Engine Google to support the development of web.

Designed for X iOS/OS developers to create intelligent IDE, to help them with a higher production efficiency using Objective-C, Swift, C or C++ for Apple's application development.

Suitable for C/C++ developers across the platform IDE, to provide excellent encoding assistance, to save you a lot of time.

The integrated development environment for professional JavaScript and front-end Web developers.

Super weapon for database and SQL developers.


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