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Connector SharePoint

Integration tools for Confluence and SharePoint


Combine SharePoint with Confluence through joint search, bidirectional content embedding, and single sign on.


Powerful combination of Confluence powerful format free content creation features and SharePoint document management and workflow advantage!

Connector SharePoint licensing approach:


Deploy Connector SharePoint on a Confluence instance in the production environment

Permanent use of Connector SharePoint

Provide 12 months of software maintenance - including software upgrades and factory technical support.

The number of users of Connector SharePoint must be consistent with the number of Confluence users

product features


Two ways to embed content


Haevnen AKA In a Better WorldSharePointPages can be integrated enterprise documents and lists and richConfluenceContent.

A search, get all


The search box provided by SharePoint allows users to search for the integrity and security of Confluence pages, blog posts, Sharepoint documents, and to ensure that all content and search results are complete.

Browse your wiki


Support for Part Connections Web allows users to leave withoutSharePoint interface that can browse the complete Confluence space, whether it is the page or blogArticle

Shared list


You can put your favorite SharePoint list - documents, links, schedules, tasks, issues, and discussions - into the Confluence page.

Open your document


Share and edit SharePoint documents in the Confluence embedded list, and any changes will be updated to the SharePoint content library immediately.

Social SharePoint


Will supportConfluenceComments embedded in pages and blog postsSharePointThis can make more people inWikiCommunication in.

Single sign on


Because the user can be shared through the Windows active directory, you can seamlessly navigate between SharePoint and Confluence. Because of two applicationsProgram to share the same user name and password, so if you log in to aUse, you do not need to log in to another.


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