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ZOHO (formerly AdventNet- AdventNet) was founded in 1996 in New Jersey, is the world's largest online software provider. Committed to providing enterprises and individuals to lead the forefront of IT technology products and solutions, in the network management system development, IT operation and maintenance management, cloud computing innovation, effective services in more than 200 countries and regions around the world business and individual users.

ZOHO (formerly known as: AdventNet- AI de Witt), founded in 1996, the headquarters is located in California, founded by Indians Sridhar Vembu. At present in the world, with more than 5000 employees, R & D center is located in Chennai, India. In Britain, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Brazil has subsidiaries and affiliates.

ZOHO as it operation and maintenance management solution scheme, the development platform of network management and cloud service providers dedicated to the study of online office, provides a full range of online business office solutions, and completely now mainstream programs compatible can be directly into the now mainstream office system of all documents, and plan management, customer, even you don't need to understand programming web applications can be created. Zoho uses the AJAX technology, in the visual interface operation is very humane, Zoho also provides some very user-friendly features, such as automatic save, spell check, etc.. Right click on the same line under the same line of office software.

ZOHO cloud services to conform to cloud computing trend of development, introduced the latest in a series of online SaaS applications, contains the office, email, CRM, customer service management, network conference, project management, cloud application development platform of 30 kinds of personal and commercial applications, the real guarantee of online, cooperative, efficient, anytime, anywhere office, fundamentally improve the way of life and work.

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