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JetBrains was founded in 2000, is headquartered in Prague, Czech, the company has always been committed to developing innovative ways to help developers enjoy the fun of the work. For 14 years, Jetbrains's tools have continued to help software developers effectively improve their work efficiency, no matter what kind of information they use technology.

Now the JetBrains already developed become a superior technology oriented software development company, and in the global market to create a brisk sales performance. JetBrains headquarters is located in Prague, Czech, in Russia, Germany and the United States has a total of four R & D laboratories, more in North America to provide sales service and technical support to two offices in North america.

JetBrains strict selection of team members, their team by the strength of the high degree of professional people, members have a wealth of experience in the development of world-class enterprises, and participated in a variety of software development projects. The company's best known product is the integrated development environment used in the development of Java programming languages: IDEA IntelliJ. In addition, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm, AppCode, CLion, ReSharper, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotCover, dotPeek, C++, ReSharper, YouTrack, TeamCity, Upsourc, Hub and other products are also widely concerned.

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