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Redgate company has a large number of customers, product recognition and wide acclaim, at present, 100 of the world's top 91% enterprises have chosen Redgate products.

Redgate was founded in 1999, the founder of Galbraith Neil and Davidson Simon, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, now has 275 employees, the company's products are mainly for the development of software (by 2015, a total of 295 products), and in the database development, management;.Net development and cloud services have superior products and applications.

Gate Red is committed to developing the world's most trusted software tools, in addition to being able to integrate with Microsoft Foundation Server Red, Gate Fog also with the industry's leading source code control system providers (such as Creek SourceGrea, Collabnet, Team and Perforce) to ensure that you can get the best results from your version control system.

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