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Chen Aiping: HUAWEI enterprise mobile security platform AnyOffice technology architecture and ecological strategy interpretation

Published in11:27 2016-01-11|229 reading|0 comments

Huawei anyoffice product director Chen Aiping accept CSDN interview, Huawei's share in the field of enterprise mobile office security practice experience, the technical architecture of the in-depth analysis anyoffice mobile office security platform, the open design, ecological construction and the impact on developers, and technology evolution route.

Analysis of the perfect form of vehicle networking, robotics or intelligent transportation?

Published in15:58 2016-01-09|387 reading|1 comments

Compared to robotics, intelligent transportation is the key, the most perfect car networking patterns, is an important part of the wisdom of the city. Baidu from unmanned vehicles, to the developer center Baidu 63 technology open platform, can be free to developers to use, a real good internet life is about to come.

2015 development tools and services for the year award winners list released

Published in11:13 2016-01-08|20491 reading|11 comments

2015 development tools and services annual awards results in recently officially released, six awards 50 award units and five winners officially unveiled, let us together to review them in the past year have what results, while looking forward to 2016 will have what new breakthroughs.

Toolbox JetBrains launches new product subscription license mode

Published in09:48 2016-01-06|1063 reading|0 comments

Since November 2, 2015, JetBrains has changed its license to a brand new subscription license mode, offering a monthly or yearly subscription to one or more products.

[CTO] Python forum how to learn a foreign language takes high performance concurrent, GPU calculation and depth

Published in15:11 2016-01-04|6452 reading|5 comments

How to achieve a variety of forms of Python optimization? How to use GPU (OpenCL) to accelerate data analysis? What is the security model of "behavioral verification"? What is the structure of the polar verification technology? What technology to use? This paper is verified in the CTO forum CTO Huang Shenglan share consolidation.

JetBrains old users to convert a new subscription license mode can enjoy 40 percent off discount

Published in13:50 2015-12-29|1136 reading|0 comments

A product is able to provide scalable, out of the box, and to ensure that users do not have to construction, technical support and other chores to expend energy, most developers are most concerned about. Tool Box JetBrains recently launched a new product subscription authorization mode, and to provide the value of the old users of preferential activities.

[CTO] forum technical route of Internet financial product development map Quest

Published in11:16 2015-12-29|2804 reading|6 comments

How to understand Fintech? What is the difference between the IT technology and Fintech technology to the Internet banking industry? What technologies are used in the development process of cloud letter CreditCloud? This is the CreditCloud CTO cloud letter Zhu Jiabo in the CTO forum to share consolidation.

China Mobile Communications Research Institute: why choose Atlassian project management and collaboration tools

Published in09:44 2015-12-28|1680 reading|1 comments

A good genuine development tools not only can greatly improve work efficiency, so that the software is more simple and fast, but also to ensure the stability and security of its software written in commercial purposes. Mobile Research Institute through the use of Atlassian and Confluence company developed JIRA, so that the work becomes more efficient.

The second session of China's virtual reality industry experience exhibition held in Beijing

Published in23:36 2015-12-25|389 reading|2 comments

The second China virtual reality industry experience exhibition held in Beijing. Exhibition brings together including HTC, Vive Oculus, GearVR, OSVR, 3Glasses, uSens, Ximmerse, TVR and other domestic and international VR hardware, content team.

Baidu Developer Center, the first intelligent voice innovation contest ended successfully

Published in15:20 2015-12-25|1383 reading|1 comments

December 19, "Baidu developer innovation contest, intelligent voice 2015" finals roadshows and awards ceremony in Baidu edifice staged a grand, intelligent voice related fields from 8 teams from 104 candidate team come to the fore, finalists the innovation contest finals, and were won eight awards for developers.

Industry hot spots

2015 China Internet of things conference: Car networking six major trends

May 21st -22, hosted by the China Institute of electronics, the 2015 China Internet of things conference held in Shanghai International Conference center. Experts from IBM, Microsoft and other companies to share the trend of networking and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Creation, connection and achievement: BEIJING 2015 UNITE

A three day UNITE 2015 BEIJING at the Beijing National Convention Center perfect ending. Unity in China's first public demonstration of unity 5 engine strong technology and advanced management concept, gathered at the scene countless VR practitioners, and ad hoc unity rookie training camp to help entry-level developers to understand, understanding, familiar with unity.

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Latest project

UNITE 2015 BEIJING - creating connections and achievements

With Unity technology as the core, with the latest industry technical exchanges as the goal, to promote the development of the development of the industry as a vision, in order to achieve the "development of the popular" as the blueprint. BEIJING 2015 UNITE opens a new chapter, Unity's vision will be expanded to the field of industry. The theme of this conference is "creating connections" ".

2014 Shenzhen Faire Maker

2014 Shenzhen Maker Faire on April 6th in Shenzhen, Shekou, yicoo officially kicked off. A guest and hardware enthusiasts in this not only can see the creative exhibits and projects, as well as the famous create a guest to bring a wonderful speech, but also to participate in different topics throughout the workshop, enjoy hands-on fun.