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Studio Enterprise with MSDN Visual

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Platforms MSDN

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Microsoft all genuine software once owned
MSDN subscriptions for you to provide the most complete Microsoft products and services library, for the design, development and testing, such as windows, windows server, SQL server, visual studio, team foundation server, the subscriber can free download the latest software products and the freedom to choose a degraded version (to obtain the genuine version before the only way).
Cloud platform services may be infinite
Provide windows azure with office 365 cloud computing services using the equity, through you are familiar with the tools and resources across cloud consistent, enterprise performance and security in data center and cloud you can be more flexible and efficient management of resources.
The most cost-effective IT licensing scheme
CSDN exclusive offers, a time to meet your needs for software, services and support, access to legitimate development / test use authorization, the development of the test environment without spending money to build, to help enterprises to reduce development costs!


Studio Visual 2015: applicable to any application and team

Studio Visual is a very complete set of tools and services that can help you create a wide variety of applications for the Microsoft platform and other platforms. No matter whether you are in the design of mission critical applications in. Net, use C + + amp write very fast code, or test and debug HTML / JavaScript applications and run on many devices to connect with the cloud, can select visual studio as the basic development environment for you to join the big family of the world millions of developers with what kind of development tools eclipse and Xcode).

More than 11TB Microsoft genuine software package: to meet the needs of enterprise development and testing

MSDN subscription service for developers to provide more than 11TB Microsoft full range of software products to download: development tools, windows, office, windows server, SQL server, exchange, SharePoint, team foundation server, office software can used in a production environment and commercial use.

Office 365: anytime, anywhere efficient collaboration, enjoy the new experience of office

Office 365 is Microsoft for enterprises to build a complete office cloud service. It involves not only the latest version of office software, meet the business and the enterprise mail and exchange online, file sharing (share point online), instant messaging and network video conference (lync online). Office 365 will help you to achieve office operation and maintenance, management and use of the experience of innovation, for your business to bring more flexible, efficient, more secure and reliable cloud office.

Azure cloud platform: integration to accelerate the development and operation of all required

By Azure Windows, you can develop and test applications more quickly with lower costs, and can be deployed in the cloud or locally. As a MSDN subscriber, you will receive monthly credit for the development and testing of any Azure Windows service, in addition, it will also enjoy preferential rates and can access the virtual machine that has been pre configured. You can quickly configure cloud resources to generate scalable cloud applications, test existing applications in a virtual machine, or create a hybrid application across the local and cloud infrastructure.

  Studio Enterprise with MSDN Visual Platforms MSDN Studio Professional with MSDN Visual
object A variety of scale teams with high quality and expansion needs ITPros, business test staff, non.Net Platform Developer A single developer or small team
For the developer to provide more than 11TB Microsoft full range of genuine software products to download and use, and can be upgraded and downgraded the use of software rights and provide multilingual support. Achieved a legitimate version of the original software to obtain the way to solve the restrictions in China can only use Chinese and English version of the software.
VisualStudio2015 (or previous version)
Foundation Server Team
Azure Windows free space Value 11200 yuan limit Value 7500 yuan limit Value 3800 yuan limit
Store Windows + Phone +Office Windows 365 developer account (12 months of the right to use the App to the market)
Microsoft original technical support service 4 times 2 times 2 times


MSDN subscription preferences description
-Studio Enterprise With MSDN Visual
Visual studio enterprise permanent license authorization, MSDN two years period of subscription, designed for efficient team to develop the design, include project management, test case management, teamwork, released management tool, you can keep the team focused, efficient, and in a shorter cycle to continued to provide value. Also included in MSDN subscriptions so that you can access thousands of Microsoft products and additional services, for you to provide all on a variety of platforms, including windows azure, design, development and testing of the application need.
-Platforms MSDN
MSDN platform contains MSDN two-year subscriptions to the deadline, for developers to provide more than 11TB Microsoft full range of legitimate software to download and use, to provide you with on a variety of platforms, including windows azure, design, development and test the application of all the required. Subscribers can still use some software products obtained by effective subscription in the subscription expires. But the software has no right to update the software, and can not download access software or product key and other subscription services that are available by MSDN subscribers.
-MSDN subscriber to buy Xamarin cross platform development tool special program
XamarinIs to provide primary solutions cross platform mobile development tools, through xamarin development tools and programming languages, can use familiar C# developed IOS, Android and windows platform native (native) app, with xamarin global cooperation with Microsoft jointly building cross platform solutions, CSDN to Microsoft's MSDN subscribers, in China launched preferential premium, unprecedented efforts! Detailed inquiry: telephone 010-57410251 / QQ 2714137330.

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