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OpenStack Foundation Chairman: OpenStack has become the first choice for customers in the open source cloud environment

Published in15:40 2016-01-04|2945 reading|0 comments

In the event, CSDN reporter interviewed the OpenStack Foundation Chairman Clark Alan, Alan on the current open source cloud computing market and technology development and other topics to share their views.

Programmers how to draw a monthly salary of 30 thousand

Published in08:42 2015-12-29|17432 reading|54 comments

On the whole, this paper is divided into two parts. The first part is to clarify some concepts; the second part, we will come together to study how the commercial value of mining, career practice and career opportunities for to realize the salary of 3 million. If you do not have the patience to see so much, you can jump to the last summary.

The Internet enterprise security startups Ivy was sixty million A round of financing

Published in12:47 2015-12-28|1157 reading|1 comments

Ivy cloud security in August 2014 created, and obtained from Zhenge fund, cloud Angel Fund and lucrative joint angel capital 6.5 million yuan investment.

Yi Hua, founder of science and technology: the core driving force to change the flower industry is the technology

Published in10:46 2015-12-25|2136 reading|5 comments

In the first stage of venture capital for private venture capital for geeks geeks exchange, should spend technology founder Rong Chao (flower thirteen brother) do share. This has a Ph.D. in economics, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua MBA CEO, about his use of technology in the flower industry to bring about change.

Now the Bug management tool is too heavy, this simple tool can help you reduce

Published in08:30 2015-12-25|9629 reading|34 comments

This is an effort to solve the programmers in the development process of pain grind tool.

CTO AppCan Zhao Qinghua: the positive benefits of the workshop, build a community based mobile platform

Published in10:12 2015-12-18|1342 reading|1 comments

CTO AppCan Zhao Qinghua said, AppCan family of new business products - is beneficial to the plant, is in its mobile ecological layout strategy in the water to the canal into a ring.

BDTC 2015 - HUAWEI big data technology in Beijing, the smooth ending

Published in15:21 2015-12-18|2535 reading|1 comments

December 11th afternoon, 2015 China big data technology conference (BDTC 2015) - HUAWEI big data technology in Beijing, the successful end of the special.

2015 Chinese software developers survey published a large list of winners

Published in15:03 2015-12-16|2164 reading|15 comments

September 21st -10 21, CSDN launched the 2015 China software developers have award for investigation activities, is now officially announced the list of 186 winners.

Good news! Microsoft Asia Research Institute open source database GraphView

Published in13:07 2015-12-16|2903 reading|4 Comments

GraphView is a middleware software to facilitate the user to use the relational database Server SQL or SQL Database Azure efficient management and processing of large scale data. A few days ago, Microsoft Asia Research Institute officially announced, GraphView will be officially opened by the GitHub platform.

If you want to be better in the future, welcome to help open source "

Published in10:21 2015-12-15|36232 reading|28 comments

CSDN and open source community jointly launched "2015 China open source community participation questionnaire survey report", seeks for the China open source community, open source ecology, open source developers of doing a comprehensive diagnostic investigation.

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Interview with the security area of Ali, the three gunmen"

As a Chinese hacker circle of the ashes of the characters, online on the eagle total Zheng Xinwei (cnhawk) has a lot of anecdotes. The most legendary wild rumors, the fame in the 2001 US hacker wars as "the top black wide" before the official debut turned out to be a "boiler".

Difficulties and pain points in the mobile payment industry

With the popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, mobile Internet development increasingly mature, and giant push, trillion mobile payment has become a battleground. Web2.0 changed the way companies are marketing, e-commerce has changed the business model, and that mobile payments will change people's lives.

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A brief history of the twenty-first Century Windows

Windows has more than 90% of the consumer market share of the operating system, in the leading position of the boss, and that the story of its growth is how? We summarize the history of the development of Windows in twenty-first Century, as well as around the Microsoft operating system, may wish to look at.

Innovation of content authoring tools: CTO pre Facebook push word processing applications Quip

According to foreign media reports, Facebook before Bret Taylor CTO on Wednesday launched a text processing applications Quip. Quip is a cross platform, covering the Web and mobile terminal, the application can automatically adjust the format of the document according to the screen size of the user equipment, and provide the application of collaboration and messaging functions, while also supporting the use of offline.