OpenStack service provider Mirantis was $100 million financing plan in 2016 IPO

This year can be described as the years following the integration of 2011 openstack wave of entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship is to openstack strategic transformation of the giant's acquisition, only the individual left to compete with the giants, just announced $1 million b round of financing mirantis is one of them.

Juno OpenStack version released - support for Spark and NFV

American time in 2014 on October 16, openstack Juno officially released version, which is open-source openstack cloud computing project since its inception in 2010 the 10 version, including support for software development, data analysis and large-scale application architecture 342 new light.

Juno OpenStack version released

Ubuntu system was born 10 years: let Linux more popular

Famous Linux operating system Ubuntu is about to usher in the 10 year old birthday!

Development and deployment of private cloud based on OpenStack

OpenStack as the current mainstream of the private cloud platform, has been used by many organizations in its internal. This article has invited senior cloud computing Engineer Zhao Long, from five eight City, to share his experience in the design, construction and operation of the entire OpenStack system in the enterprise.

Interview with Clark Alan: talk about the development of Cloud4 SUSE and OpenStack

SUSE not only created the OpenStack's first enterprise distribution Cloud SUSE, also released the Cloud SUSE 4. About Cloud OpenStack 4 as well as the development of CSDN, SUSE interviewed Clark Alan for us to introduce the details of the information.

[] Li Mingyu: CAS lecturer OpenStack&amp Docker harmony but not sameness;

Software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute research group responsible for infrared think, docker ecosystem is still in the initial stage, the openstack technology accumulation docker enterprise class cloud computing system infrared will be in 2014 container technology conference brought share "harmony with difference -- OpenStack& docker".

UnitedStack help OpenStack accelerate cloud computing

Open source cloud computing technology platform OpenStack is getting more and more popular among Chinese users, including Jingdong, Baidu, China Telecom and other large enterprises have also chosen to deploy their own OpenStack cloud platform. In order to enable users in China in-depth understanding of openstack the latest technical progress and the development status, openstack foundation will join the rapid rise of cloud computing rookie UnitedStack company, will be held on September 16 to 18, 2014 global cloud computing Symposium of station of Shanghai General Assembly, for the Chinese market to bring openstack cloud computing to the latest technology developments of technology. It is reported that the seminar is fully supported by the OpenStack foundation, UnitedStack

Cloud Architecture and openstack thinking

VMworld 2014 One:Docker Day, data center, a new hybrid cloud initiatives

VMworld 2014 global conference held in San Francisco, VMware announced a number of areas of the strategy, including Docker, data centers and hybrid cloud.
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