OpenStack in the practice of millet private cloud platform

Millet company openstack technology responsible for the pan Xiaodong share in openstack construction of millet private cloud platform of some experience and the use of step on some of the pit, focuses on the current situation of openstack is not stable, how to build a private cloud stability of enterprise application requirements.

No net is not, there is a network is smooth: Neutron OpenStack analysis

To understand the function of Neutron and deployment, planning, deployment and maintenance of enterprise OpenStack system need to practice the internal strength. In this paper, the neutron "big brother" Yong Sheng Gong as we describe in detail the neutron technology principle and development direction, mainly related to the use, deployment and operation of three levels of content.

Hazen:PMC Pete how to promote the development of China's cloud industry

It development of storage has a strong demand, PMC to store the video as a center of development and Pete Hazen share the PMC data centers to some support case and deploy storage practice, also introduces the PMC in decoupling combined infrastructure and in the open source work, finally also talked about on the Internet communication and the latest developments.

Su Ning Zhang Xiaobin: basic knowledge of OpenStack practice (1)

This series of articles in accordance with the practical experience of the OpenStack research and development center Suning, the system analysis of enterprise deployment OpenStack need to grasp the knowledge. This article refers to the OpenStack applicable to enterprises which business, as well as OpenStack and VMware, KVM, Docker, CloudStack, the comparison between.

Lenovo Beijing EBC set up business continued to force

In Beijing the EBC is Lenovo in the global scope of the three enterprise solution center experience, in a similar program laboratory bear the role of concentrator, Lenovo acquisition system X after going to in this platform to the customer display the products and solutions.

[interview] EasyStack Chen Xilun: contribution + practice in the way of internationalization of China's OpenStack products to the road

Chen Xilun said EasyStack would insist on the future in accordance with the rules of the international participation in the community, through the code with grasp and influence the openstack community, based on the practice of customer will openstack products, reduce enterprise customers using openstack threshold, in the Asia Pacific region as a starting point to create an international brand.

[interview] engraved Tong Yun Jiang Lin: focus OpenStack hybrid cloud, will support the container, big data services

Jianglin believes that openstack technology development very fast, support a wide surface, ecological improvement, the new container, nfv, shared file storage, data to have corresponding projects to provide technical solutions can give play to its advantage in the deployment of a hybrid cloud, and has been widely accepted by enterprises.

Practice and experience of OpenStack on the Milky way two

This paper describes the application of the Milky way two researchers in accordance with the needs of the actual hardware environment, how to make a lot of customization and optimization of OpenStack, and ultimately the formation of enterprise class solutions KylinCloud cloud platform.

The core technology of Cloud Computing Architecture Forum (two): Suning, spruce, and Daocloud, a foot down technology practice sharing

Suning openstack R & D center responsible person Zhang Xiaobin, spruce network CEO Qi Ya Xuan, foot note vice president and CTO sun Dongfeng, DaoCloud joint founder and CEO Chen Qiyan and Lark technology founder and CEO left Yue respectively from the point view of openstack, SDN, container and other different share the latest practice of their companies.

Cloud Computing Core Technology Architecture Forum (a): build a high availability, high expansion, easy operation and maintenance of the Cloud Architecture

IBM Yang Haiming, Sina Cong Lei, Qingyun Yang Jintao, Intel Hu Xiaohe seven between Niu and Li Corps six experts from analytical framework, practice platform, technology research and development of practical application, etc. many different aspects of shared how to construct a high availability, scalability, ease of operation and maintenance of the cloud architecture, to support enterprises to enjoy the demand for cloud computing services.
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