In UnitedStack Ceph

From UnitedStack engineer @ Zhu Rongze introduction to Ceph: background, architecture, deployment, advantages and other aspects, and finally there is the integration process of Ceph and OpenStack projects.

2012 OpenStack user survey and analysis

2012 OpenStack user survey and analysis, for users, consumer, operator, partner ecosystem depth analysis of different groups, mining status quo, and to find the future needs to focus on resolving the point.

Peshak: talk about Openstack

Openstack from 2010 to 2 projects, the development of today has more than 10 projects, there is a pile of incubation projects, Openstack has become increasingly complex. Through the development and history of Openstack, so that we have a whole understanding of the project.

Du Yujie: OpenStack from Learn practice

Du Yujie talked about a few lessons learned from OpenStack: (1) must work to document the. Because it relates to the configuration of the content is very much, especially testing links; (2) the contribution of the community is very important. You don't go to solve some problems, always card with you, why not throw it to the community benefit by mutual discussion.
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OpenStack community activities