ZStack depth trial: deployment, architecture and network and its comparison with OpenStack

This paper is open source IaaS software ZStack depth trial report, respectively, from the deployment, architecture and network three levels to share the experience of the author, and the OpenStack for a simple comparison, the article also put forward their own thinking about ZStack.

SkyForm cloud platform architecture of cloud

This paper from the actual demand of IaaS technology trends and private cloud based, combined with the practical experience of Tianyun product development and introduces the product SkyForm cloud management platform architecture and implementation ideas, including hierarchical and SOA design, asynchronous event driven, control flow and data flow separation, distributed task management and plug-in design.

Three China Communications: cloud network integration, we have chosen for the KVM and OpenStack

Hybrid cloud architecture needs to solve the unified management, backup and other issues, then you can consider more complex applications, through the network is a difficult, China Communications three two times the development of KVM based on OpenStack technology, realizes the program level covers computingstorage network and virtualization architecture.

Nebula announced the closure of unfogging OpenStack

The same is OpenStack manufacturers, Nebula defeat at the OpenStack technology itself and the market is still immature and failed to seize the user pain points, while Mirantis bucked the trend is because grasp the user self-reliance, train operation and maintenance personnel demand pain points.

[OpenCloud2015] highlights held three Summit on April 17th OpenStack grand debut concert

2015 OpenStack technology conference from the ecology and application of the two part to explain the development trend of OpenStack, from HP, HUAWEI, IBM, Jin Shanyun, millet and other institutions of 13 lecturers, respectively, OpenStack different components, different projects, different application scenarios, including integration with Docker.

2015 Beijing OpenCloud summit summary

From the 2015 OpenStack technology conference, the 2015 Spark technology summit, the 2015 Container Technology Summit and the three summit and the three field depth industry training, the OpenCloud 2015. After the meeting, @xiongwenwu on its CSDN blog on the participants feel.

OpenStack M & a wave when it comes

In this paper, OpenStack startups Mirantis co-founder Alex Freedland based on the interview, that through innovative solutions Venture Company and venture capital operation failed, and focus on professional knowledge and experience preferred (truly open way) the company is doing well.

The three major themes of the opening of the technology summit OpenCloud 2015 participants reminded

At present, the number of applicants OpenCloud 2015 conference has been close to the reception capacity. If you grab the conference tickets, on-site tips here can help you get a better experience.

OpenCloud 2015 registration is expected to close the interview in advance of nearly 20 lecturers

The organizers of the OpenCloud 2015 part of the speech guests (nearly 20) to do the interview, they are currently being carried out OpenStack, Container, Spark actual combat, hot and they will be the contents of the speech made in advance revealed,

OpenStack zhichuo pain? ZStack architecture design of open source IaaS

Recently introduced ZStack open source IaaS project, known as to solve some of the technical problems difficult to solve OpenStack. ZStack sponsor and chief architect Zhang Xin invited the author from architecture level design and Realization of ZStack design concept and technology, and the answer is ZStack target market and community planning.
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