Song Wei Jin Shanyun: the construction and optimization of the public cloud in the largest OpenStack public cloud

Jin Shanyun is currently the largest Openstack public cloud, physical servers, network and related devices tens of thousands of, the challenge is not intelligent, Queue Message is not reliable, etc.. Jinshan cloud partner Song Wei will be at the 2015 OpenStack Technology Conference on how to solve the problems encountered in the speech.

Three major features of the OpenCloud 2015 participants (with a list)

Will be held on April 16th -18 OpenCloud 2015 participants the technical level and the high quality is also worth looking forward to, according to the feedback Committee, currently there are more than 200 tickets + company participants, many of which the company assigned delegation to participate in the technical department.

Millet Pan Xiaodong: high stability OpenStack cluster high availability, thousands of VM is how to make

Millet has been deployed across multiple VM IDC thousands of OpenStack cluster. Millet OpenStack project technical director Pan Xiaodong will be in the "2015 OpenStack Technology Conference" to share some of the experience and some of the OpenStack platform to build private cloud platform, focusing on how to achieve corporate level stability.

HUAWEI cloud architect Zhang Yu: in-depth understanding of Nova is the basis for understanding OpenStack

2015 OpenStack technology conference, HUAWEI's cloud operating system product division architect Dr. Zhang Yu will be combined with his own observation and thinking of the community, and the experience and lessons learned in the process of OpenStack product, lead us to think about the structure of the Nova architecture and design ideas. This paper CSDN to Zhang Yu's pre interview.

IBM Chen Guancheng: how to use OpenStack, Docker and Spark to create a cloud service

At the 2015 Spark technology summit, Chen Guancheng will introduce to you how to use OpenStack, Docker and Spark to build a big data public cloud, and share the problems encountered during the development of IBM and experiences and lessons.

Tan Yusong and you chat River on the two OpenStack large-scale deployment, about or not?

National University of Defense Technology / National Super Computing Center researcher Dr. Tan Yusong will be at the 2015 OpenStack technology conference to share the practice and experience of OpenStack in the Milky way two, involving a large scale deployment of OpenStack's experience on a large scale deployment of more than 2 nodes of the Milky way two.

Gong Yongsheng: OpenStack planning, deployment and operation and maintenance must grasp the network virtualization technology

Gong Yongsheng said, OpenStack is used in the production environment also need to do a lot of work, such as management, monitoring and maintenance, etc., to understand the functions of the network virtualization and deployment, help enterprise planning, deployment and operation and maintenance system. He will be in the OpenStack conference from the use, deployment and operation and maintenance of the three aspects of Neutron.

Intel Wang Qing: in those years, we walk in the pit on the OpenStack private cloud

Wang Qing believes that OpenStack is still a long distance, the stability is the primary problem to be solved. He will analyze the pain points in the OpenStack OpenStack Technology Conference in the 2015 technology conference, and introduce OpenStack to the development of private cloud in the enterprise and the corresponding solutions.

Liu Guangya: I hope Magnum achieve the perfect integration of OpenStack and Docker

IBM cloud computing architect, core member Magnum Liu Guangya will be in the "2015 OpenStack Technology Conference" on the depth of the Docker and OpenStack system integration". Before the Convention, CSDN and Liu Guangya made a brief talk on the content of the speech. This article is an interview content record.

Knowledgeable people in! Ten reasons to participate in OpenCloud 2015

On April 2015 16-18, a CSDN to create a top level feast OpenCloud 2015 will officially open to the outside world, the convergence of the big bull lecturer at home and abroad, for the industry combing cloud computing and big data technology innovation and application. On the eve of the general assembly, CSDN summed up the ten major reasons why OpenCloud 2015 can not be missed.
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