OpenStack enterprise cloud platform monitoring practice

OpenStack enterprise cloud platform architecture and practice, combined with the author's experience of various types of OpenStack consulting, planning and implementation experience, from the theoretical and engineering point of view, to tell how to turn OpenStack into a reliable, managed enterprise all kinds of production environment of the cloud platform. This article is an excerpt from chapter eighth.

Why the 2015 cloud pattern will not change?

With the arrival of 2015, a lot of fun as a cloud of cloud prophecy. Of course, this time is not. Let us take the essence, to its dregs, so this article will introduce the ten on 2015 cloud non speculation of forecast.

Outlook ten: data center industry forecast 2015

At the end of 2014, the next year, the IT industry's trend forecast have surfaced, experts believe that next year's data centers, including the network, real-time processing, OpenStack, Docker, and so on.

Listen to UnitedStack, IBM, HP experts on how to talk about the OpenStack storage technology

December 28th (this Sunday), the eighth Meet Up C will be held in Zhongguancun, software park, 4, three story building block OpenStack base, the theme of this meeting is to store". While OpenStack has many kinds of storage solutions, can be applied to a variety of open source and commercial products and can meet various scenarios.

Interview with the latest progress of OpenStack Alan Clark:OpenStack

[CSDN] the first China Zhuangao open source Cloud Computing Conference, SUSE industry innovation, emerging standards and open source director, OpenStack chairman Alan Clark CSDN accepted the reporter's interview, the latest progress of the latest views on cloud computing and open source and OpenStack described in detail.

Hachicorp will use $10 million to promote the development of open source software DevOps

Hachicorp plans to use $10 million of funds to promote the development of open source software DevOps, as the current more popular open source tool Vagrant behind the team will its technology to the same commercial products, and the capital into the product development and operation to promote its long-term development.

[OpenStack] in their practice of large-scale deployment of Tianhe No. two

The design architecture of OpenStack itself gives it a high degree of scalability, however the large-scale deployment of thousands of nodes in order of magnitude, there are still many factors determine the need to try and explore many aspects in the overall architecture and the details of the optimization on the actual implementation, the "basic" will go into the Milky way two No. 1000 node level practice.

Red hat and HUAWEI cooperate with open source technology to open up the telecom market

Red Hat Inc will form a global partnership with HUAWEI to carry out cloud deployments based on OpenStack. Through the expansion of bilateral cooperation, HUAWEI and red hat will focus on the OpenStack network function Virtualization (NFV) to accelerate collaboration to meet the new generation of communication service provider (CSPs).

Cloud Foundry Meetup Be There Or Be Square activities will be the first in Hangzhou

Foundry Meetup Cloud, sponsored by the Zhejiang University, IBM and HUAWEI, will be the first time to enter Hangzhou, the time set in December 20, 2014 (this Saturday) afternoon 13:30 ~ 17:00, in Yuquan, Zhejiang University, School District Office held the second report hall.

Docker after using OpenStack?

Docker from an emerging technology to a commercial model, the process of the development of a very alarming, it is hot, but also to bring some confusion. This also brings some of the students' question and comment: if the use of Docker and then go with OpenStack is appropriate?
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