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Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

The ownership and operation of the various electronic services of the CSDN is known as the century music knowledge (Beijing) Network Technology Co., ltd.. CSDN services will be fully implemented in accordance with the regulations, terms of service and operating rules. Members must fully agree with all the terms of service and complete the registration process, to become a member of CSDN's official registration and enjoy a more comprehensive service provided by CSDN.

Two, rights and obligations

CSDN rights and obligations:

  1. Respect the privacy of members
    Respect for individual privacy, privacy security is a basic policy of CSDN, CSDN will not disclose, edit or disclose the membership registration information, unless the following circumstances:
    • (1) according to the requirements of the national security agency and the Public Security Department of the people's Republic of china.
    • (2) to maintain the ownership and other rights of CSDN.
    • (3) in the case of an emergency, the security of the individual, the individual and the public of the society is strongly maintained.
    • (4) a serious breach of the relevant provisions of the CSDN.
    CSDN reserves the right to use the network services to end members, and to ensure that the end of membership is still a member of the confidentiality of all personal privacy.
  2. Maintain the normal work of the CSDN website, provide network service.
  3. Member management

    CSDN on the basis of the management of members of national laws, local laws and international laws and other standards, and the behavior of members in the forum will be subject to the CSDN forum code of conduct.

  4. Storage and restriction of member information

    CSDN does not bear any legal responsibility for the deletion or storage of the information released by the member. CSDN has the right to decide whether or not to comply with the requirements of the CSDN service and the spirit of the right to retain the right to choose the appropriate treatment method until the cancellation of the right to cancel the membership, if the member violates the terms of service.

  5. Promptly deal with member complaints.

Member's rights and obligations:

  1. Members must follow:
    • (1) China's relevant regulations on the network and BBS.
    • (2) use of network services not for illegal purposes.
    • (3) no interference or confusion network service.
    • (4) compliance with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices used in the use of network services.
    At the same time member commitment:
    • (1) does not transmit any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, intimidating, injury of, vulgar, obscene information;
    • (2) no information is transmitted to any person who is a crime to constitute a crime;
    • (3) not to transmit any information that does not conform to the local regulations, national laws and international laws;
    • (4) unauthorized access to other computer systems is prohibited;
    • (5) other obligations under the law;
    • (6) the code of conduct of the CSDN forum is discussed at the Forum;
    • (7) to accept network administrators and moderators of the regulation of conflicts and disputes, and in line with the relevant decisions, to exercise the power of complaint to resolve disputes.

    If the member's behavior does not conform to the terms of service mentioned above, CSDN will make an independent judgment and use the relevant action. Members need to take legal responsibility for their behavior on the internet. Members of the CSDN on the dissemination of reactionary, pornographic or other violations of national laws, CSDN will fully cooperate with the judicial organs of action.

  2. Based on the characteristics of network services and the importance of the member agreement:
    • (1) provide detailed and accurate personal information. (strongly recommended using the correct ID number)
    • (2) continuously update the registration information, in accordance with the requirements of timely, detailed and accurate.
    • (3) the required equipment, including personal computer, modem or other necessary Internet device, is provided with the Internet.
    • (4) the cost of the telephone and the network cost of the telephone which is paid by the individual on the Internet.
  3. Member's account number, password, and security.

    Member once registered successfully, become the legal member of CSDN, will get a password and member name. Members of their own account, password and security will take full responsibility.

    Members agree to immediately notify CSDN if they find any illegal use of the user's account or any other user's interest. CSDN after receiving the correct email or user identity card, you can change the user password. Users can also enter the correct email address, you can change the password.

    CSDN recommends that members regularly change passwords, to avoid unnecessary password leakage. In addition, each member should be responsible for all the activities and events of their member name.

  4. Member publicity and advertising information

    Members in their published information to join the publicity materials or to participate in advertising planning, personnel recruitment, etc., Display their products on CSDN's free service, any such promotions, Including the transport of goods, payment, service, business conditions, security and the description of the advertising are only in the corresponding membership and advertising vendors. CSDN does not assume any responsibility, and CSDN has no obligation to sell any part of it. Members need to take full responsibility for this.

  5. Members agree to protect and maintain the interests of all CSDN members.

Three, on the network intellectual property rights

  1. Members of their own articles published by the copyright.
  2. CSDN has the right to use all of the articles published in CSDN.
  3. If you reprint the article, please note the name of the author and the source.
  4. If copyright disputes occur, CSDN has the right to remove a dispute settlement before the dispute resolution
  5. CSDN's article must be authorized by the author of the article or CSDN, and indicate the author and the source.

Four, about responsibility

CSDN damage for any direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the legal responsibility, These damage may come from: the behavior of other people, the exchange of documents between the members, the exchange of information on the Internet, the use of Internet services or users to send information to change. These actions may cause damage to the image of the CSDN, so the possibility of CSDN prior to this damage.

CSDN to provide the service of the compensation in accordance with the relevant laws and responsibilities.

Five, service provision and service provision

CSDN has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary, the CSDN service terms once the change, will be prompted to change the contents of the important page. If you do not agree with the contents, members may discuss, complain or apply for the cancellation of the network services in a specified discussion area, but must be executed before the current service provision is amended. CSDN reserves the right to modify or interrupt services without having to notify the user. CSDN the right to exercise the right to modify or interrupt services, without the need for users or third party to be responsible.

CSDN take on the legal responsibility for the change of the paid service.

Six, circular

CSDN all notices issued to members are available through an important page of announcement or email. The terms of service, service changes, or other important events will be carried out in this form.

For CSDN system notification email users must receive, but generally provide unsubscribe function, for can't countermand email notification, users have the right to complain.

Seven, CSDN's complaint handling

When the CSDN appears in a variety of problems (including copyright disputes, user complaints, etc.), please send the complaint to the contentWebmaster@PROG3.COM, and indicate the complaint, we guarantee that the latest no more than 5 working days to reply. And you can post in the Forum (only a post) complaints, But we do not guarantee a certain reply, the complaint may not have the behavior of the normal work of the forum to affect the forum, otherwise it will retain the power to delete posts. The forum's complaint please refer toForum user code of conduct.

Eight, legal jurisdiction

Internet service provision should be consistent with the legal interpretation of the people's Republic of China, members and CSDN agreed to submit to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts. In case of conflict with the law of the people's Republic of China, the CSDN service provision shall be subject to the law, and these provisions will be fully explained in accordance with the law, and the other provisions shall remain in effect on the membership.

In the 21st century, the Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing) has the final interpretation of the above terms.