PXE OpenPOWER no disk workstation environment to build
No disk workstation is one of the world's conventional needs of the X86 server, in the OpenPOWER to achieve this demand and X86 and no essential difference, as the first domestic OpenPOWER server manufacturers, we are in the...
Release of FPGA heterogeneous accelerator card based on CAPI interface
Much concerned about the 2016 OpenPOWER China summit scheduled to be held. On the basis of the 2015 landmark achievements, the rapid development of the year, the OpenPOWER ecosystem is becoming more and more perfect, a large number of...
Study on performance testing and optimization training [HBASE]
The training mainly describes the basic concept of HBASE, HBASE benchmark, HBASE tuning performance test

PowerLinux IBM expert

Cheng Yan

IBM technical specialist

Master's degree, from 10 years of work, in 2008 to join IBM company. Senior information technology expert, big data solution architect, mainly from Things big data, cloud computing and virtualization of new technology and high performance computing HPC technical advice, solutions, implementation and training. Current Lab STG Services Department BigData and Team Lead HPC.
Cheng YanIBM technical specialist

Ran Huikai

IBM technical specialist

Joined IBM in 2011, has engaged in KVM virtualization technology development, after joining the LBS technical support team. Mainly responsible for the implementation of openstack and two development, powervc and other cloud platform implementation. Specializes in Linux related virtualization, cloud platform area.
Ran HuikaiIBM technical specialist

Ding Yanbin

IBM technical specialist

Has more than 9 years of experience in it, as the IBM IT experts in the IBM laboratory work for nearly five years, is mainly responsible for power products in the field of IT system integration services and storage and disaster tolerance solution scheme of design and implementation.
Ding YanbinIBM technical specialist

Cheng Ying

IBM technical specialist

As a IT IBM expert, is responsible for power product IT system integration services and solutions, and the implementation of the work, there are many years of java development experience.
Cheng YingIBM technical specialist

PowerLinux master viewpoint

New PowerLinux technology and software

This month, the PowerLinux team released the biggest technological innovation since the release of the PowerLinux server, and the POWER7+ chip on our platform. POWER7+ is not only a faster version of the POWER7 processor. Our hardware team is committed to increasing the flexibility of the platform, to bring the balance of performance improvement while maintaining energy and other factors...



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Company: IBM

Technical support

Job requirements: 2-3 years of working experience, familiar with Java, C/C++ programming, with big data development experience, knowledge of banking, telecommunications industry knowledge, computer related professional background.

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POWER 8 processor has 12 core design, 96 threads, 22nm process manufacturing, and supports PCI-E 3 interface specification. A major highlight of the POWER 8 is that IBM first joint other technology giants to create the OpenPOWER foundation, the open core...

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