PXE OpenPOWER no disk workstation environment to build

Diskless workstation is one of X86 server world of regulatory requirements, the openpower fulfill the requirement and x86 did not essential difference, for domestic first openpower server manufacturers and we in RedPOWER server on top of also provides this service. The following is the build process, hope to help you!

PowerLinux non Scale-Out server configuration RAID method

PowerLinux non Scale-Out server configuration RAID method, the document to S812L and S822L, for example, the document contains the Installation Toolkit for PowerLinux IBM download link

IBM Power8& algorithm challenge incoming Redwood database!

The theme of the contest is "air quality analysis and forecast" this hot topic, we provide all over the country in 2014 the annual air quality, by constructing the Redwood database cluster in 8 of power equipment, for the full amount of data storage.

Linux on Power algorithm is a marathon 12 hour battle who will win the Nirvana in Fire?

December 12th, IBM joint CSDN in the new Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel, held Linux on Power IBM data algorithm 12 hour challenge. No matter you are a distinct personality of the lone ranger, or two, three components of stormtroopers, we will for you to provide free IBM power virtual environment, participants can choose any language compiler.

How to build PowerLinux IBM application on X86 Intel server

This article will introduce how to use the Toolchain cross compiler, easy to build the source code running on the Architecture Power. This paper will answer about cross compile application performance, function and on the IBM powerlinux "server native debugging ability to compile the application of cross.

Development of Linux cross compiler application for on Power C/C++ system

This article will introduce how to use SDK for Linux on Power IBM IBM integrated environment using Advance Toolchain and QEMU user mode for Power IBM server development cross compiler application. The SDK is free of charge based on the eclipse integrated development environment (integrated development environment, IDE), integrated with C / C + + source code development and advance toolchain, Post-Link optimization and typical Linux performance analysis tools, including oprofile and perf and Valgrind.

Why choose on Power Linux?

Running on the IBM & reg; power & reg; hardware based Linux applications can provide a powerful combination of performance, reliability, and security. In this paper, you will understand the IBM power systems it can provide many strategic advantage, and you may will be the deployment of a variety of low cost by surprise. Understanding IBM to improve the Linux experience of the tool, and a comprehensive understanding of the future of Linux on POWER IBM commitment.

A guide to porting on X86 Linux applications to on Power Linux

This article will introduce how to use the following intuitive step-by-step procedure will Linux & reg; C / C + + applications from x86 (Intel & reg; or AMD) transplantation to IBM & reg; powerlinux it. We first need to understand the need for a transplant to do the preparatory work, and then we will introduce some of the 32 and 64 bit code to run on the PowerLinux implementation skills.

IBM bring Power to draw the blueprint for the big data market

How to deal with the rapid development of enterprises? Who can help the business to achieve the original goal? IBM give you the answer. Actually, power 8 debut, with its processing power of massive amounts of data to the enterprise management of emerging social and mobile computing a dose of strong needle. And at the same time, IBM has been advocating and supporting Linux and open source, and ultimately the open source technology is also integrated into the power platform.

Not just open! From the end of the new IBM Cloud Manager based on OpenStack rules!

This article uses 5 users commonly used scene analysis, ICM4.2 new play, is not only open! On the basis of open source, to achieve a more simple cloud management innovation.

KVM virtualization technology on Power server (PowerKVM)

The initial version of PowerKVM IBM has been officially released in June 2014, can be deployed in the S812L and S822L two equipped with Power8 processor on the server. Linux distributions such as RedHat, SUSE, and Ubuntu can be easily deployed in a PowerKVM environment.

Test Driven Development for C++

Using test driven development, the concept of proposed has been around for a long time the, but the test driven development in the application and practice of C and C + + is relatively late. In this paper, with the example of a simple project illustrate how in the development process of the C and C + +, using test driven development concept, from requirements definition, design test case code to develop requirements for realization of the case definition, shows the charm of test driven development. Test driven development and now popular agile development of is inseparable, test driven development is a powerful tool for agile development can help us from the beginning of simple design, gradually reconstruct design until the perfect design process.

Migrate to SoftLayer: manually transfer the Linux instance from SCE to SoftLayer

Learn how to be a Linux instance from the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise SoftLayer to IBM migration.

To Linux system "to lose weight"

Facing the expansion of the Linux system, hard disk space own more and more difficult. How to lose weight to the Linux system, you can usually use the manual and the use of system tools to complete. This article describes the following tools: Log Manager Activity, BleachBit, find, fdupes, geeqie, Cleaner GConf the use of methods and techniques.

Recovery from failed Linux boot

When your Linux & reg; computer in the execution kernel upgrade, replace the disk or other system changes to guide and you are not isolated. Unified Bootloader Grand (GRUB) provides a number of ways to control the boot process and recovery. Or, when necessary, emergency boot disk you use an external tool might come in handy. Understanding can help you to guide the system in the presence of a number of problems in the process and the GRUB command, to find a system based on the BIOS is critical to the external tool.

Linux on the basis of the network equipment.

Network virtualization is an important part of Cloud. As the basic knowledge, this paper describes in detail the principle, usage, and data flow of all kinds of network devices which are abstracted by Linux. Through this article, you can know how to use the Linux based network equipment configuration in order to achieve a specific purpose, to analyze the possible causes of Linux network failure.

Using Linux security removal tool

Sometimes we need to hard disk or removable storage devices make to others (such as a user or partners), a lot of people think themselves will delete the information in the computer on the right, I suggest that you good review whether they really have any possible exposure to the privacy of your personal data deleted. This article describes the use of several Linux security tools to help users to completely delete the data.

Using Linux file recovery tool

Linux system administrator code in such a: "caution RM - RF command, unless you know the consequences brought about by the command", but under Linux deleting files is not real delete disk partition file, but will clear sector pointers in the inode for the file nodes in addition to release at the same time, these data corresponding to the data block, when the release of the data block by the system re distribution, the deleted data would be overwritten, so accidentally deleted data should be immediately uninstall files where the partition. And then use the related tools to restore. In this paper, the Ubuntu 12.04 platform as an example to introduce four (foremost, extundelete, testdisk and phtorec) commonly used to remove the Linux file recovery tool.

Mapping of virtual network and real network on Linux

With the development of the cloud computing technology, how to divide the virtual network into a hot spot by the way of similar physical network, the physical network also introduces more virtual network technology, which makes the problem more complicated. This article will elaborate on how to simulate the network of the traditional network and support virtualization technology in Linux, and introduce its principle.

Using Python script to realize the monitoring of Linux server

At present, Linux has some use Python language written in Linux system monitoring tools such as inotify-sync (file system security monitoring software), glances (resource monitoring tools) in practical work, Linux system administrator can according to their own use of server's write a simple script to the Linux server monitoring. This article describes the use of Python script to achieve the Linux server CPU memory network to monitor the preparation of the script.

The establishment and simple management of Linux container

LXC Chinese name is the Linux container tool, the container can provide a lightweight virtualization, in order to isolate the process and resources. Using LxC advantage is that it does not require too many software packages are installed, the use process is not occupy too much resources, LxC is on the Linux platform the future standard of container virtualization technology based on that initial LxC technology is developed by IBM, has now entered the Linux kernel thread, which means that LxC technology is currently the most competitive lightweight virtual container technology. In this paper, the gradual introduced Linux container establishment and management methods. The Linux release version used in this article is Ubuntu 12.04.

Return-into-libc attack and defense

This paper firstly analyzes the attack principle of return-into-libc, and introduces the experimental process and results of traditional return-into-libc attack on different platforms. Then, in this paper, we introduce and explain the attack mode, which can make up the deficiency of traditional return-into-libc attack, which makes the attack more flexible and effective. At last, this paper presents the methods of defense against these attacks. This article can help readers to understand the return-into-libc attacks and how to prevent the occurrence of attacks in the system.
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