Ouyang Diyu
IBM technical specialist

Have many years of multi platform development experience (Java, c/c+, Linux), and MySQL, Oracle, Server Sql database also has unique insights. Especially good at the financial industry solutions, the development of applications and services on the RHEL, as well as troubleshooting and other aspects of the master.

Shen Hui
IBM technical specialist

Have many years of multi platform development experience (C/C++, Linux, Vxworks embedded OS), and in the field of mobile communications has 7 years of software development experience, very understanding of the communications industry. Strong interest in programming languages, operating systems and databases.

Tan Yanhui
IBM technical specialist

With 7 years of experience in application development for many years, transplantation and tuning experience is rich in IBM Power and PowerVM product experience. At the same time he also has rich experience in the implementation of Box PowerLinux/CAMP, familiar with Linux, Unix operating system and C/C++, Java and script development language.

Wang Jianli
IBM technical specialist

7 years of work experience, the main use of C/C++ development language, in Linux, UNIX platform has many years of development work experience. The main use of ORACLE in the database, DB2, the database migration related experience. Have rich experience for the application of Power system optimization.

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Recruitment Information

Company: IBM

Technical support

Job requirements: 2-3 years of working experience, familiar with Java, C/C++ programming, with big data development experience, knowledge of banking, telecommunications industry knowledge, computer related professional background.

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