Dear developer:

In order to encourage business innovation of the open source software, to help enterprises to create a more efficient, more economic benefit of open source application technology platform, IBM China's largest open source community CSDN held "powerlinux application server defined the future challenge. You only need to submit the application can be the first to experience the strong performance of the Power server. This activity by the IBM group of experts to provide technical support for you, if your application migration success, and more opportunities to get MacBook, Air iPad, mini iPhone5S, "programmers" magazine and other value awards, winning rate of 100%! Seize the opportunity to act quickly!

Immediate action

Activity flow

Submit application for transfer
February 17-5 31
IBM expert review
February 17-6 10
Application migration test
March 1-6 15
Award ceremony
June 30th

Event prizes

Air MacBook
Air MacBook1
Best business plan Award
Best Application Award, best solution
Mini iPad
Mini iPad2
Fastest deployment Award

Activity time

1 submit application for transfer (February 17-5 31)
Register as a member of the PowerLinux community, download and fill in the migration application form, submit the application form, complete the transfer of registration.
2.IBM expert review (February 17th -6 10)
Submitted to the transfer of the application of the user, will be the IBM group of experts to solve the program audit, through SMS, e-mail to inform users of the results of the audit.
3 application migration test (March 1st -6 15)
Through the audit of the players will get the migration test authority, the application migration test, upload test report.
4 awards ceremony (June 30th)
Award winning users by the IBM group of experts, the scene of the award.