IBM releases new Systems LC Power server

The release of the new power products not only once again demonstrated the IBM for open source in the field of hardware platform technology innovation, also reflects IBM continuously through the leading products and solutions to help enterprise development emerging workloads, ability to achieve business transformation.

PowerLinux IBM developer salon successfully held in Beijing

The current market overall trend, including big data, cloud computing and Internet payment, these developments and power station completely consistent, according to IBM power technical director of China Xu Ning, from a strategic up power platform is also going to the trend of transformation. And Power regardless of the number of threads from the access, caching, IO throughput, and other conditions are leading the industry's other products.

IBM join Star Ring Technology Based on Power to create an outstanding big data solutions

Today, IBM and star ring Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "star ring technology") jointly announced that both based on IBM power platform teamed up to launch a new big data solutions, providing 3.65 times to the maximum operating speed upgrade.

IBM vigorously promote the Spark project, saying it is the next ten years the most important open source projects

Today, IBM (NYSE:IBM) announced today that it is committed to vigorously promote the Spark Apache project, and said the project is: in order to dominate the next ten years, the most important new open source projects. This commitment is the core of the Spark embedded IBM industry leading analysis and business platform, and Spark as a service, to provide customers in the Bluemix IBM platform.

New cloud Eastern server to promote the credibility of the open end of the open computing system to enter a new stage of industrialization

Recently hosted by the OpenPOWER foundation, the 2015 OpenPOWER Foundation China Summit held in beijing. Industry and information technology department, the central network office, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Beijing by letter to the committee, Jiangsu Province Commission by letter and other relevant leaders, as well as from research institutions, experts and enterprises at home and abroad guests attended the forum. Forum shows China's POWER chips, servers, and OpenPOWER the whole industry chain of many scientific and technological achievements of the industrial chain.

To join the OpenPOWER foundation members of NVIDIA OpenPOWER to promote ecological construction and promote independent innovation Chinese

NVIDIA will also be open to the OpenPOWER foundation members of the NVLink high speed Internet technology licensing. NVLink is NVIDIA and IBM co developed for speeding up the data transmission between CPU and GPU high-speed Internet technology, than the existing PCIe bus transmission speed to enhance 5 ~ 12 times.
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