Tencent cloud officially launched the package plan, technical community cooperation will be fully launched

Recently, Tencent cloud and open source platform for China to reach a strategic cooperation, the first batch of open source China Public package project on New Year's Eve official release. This is the first time Tencent cloud technology in the field of IT technology for the first time to test the water to test the water, intended to open up the majority of developers.

2016 strong rise of cloud computing, Tencent launched the first shot of the cloud

At the beginning of the new year, many people will find a taxi, surrounded by the cloud of advertising. January 2 a.m. - 4 in the morning, Tencent to drops travel advertising wrapped round, both boot screen, waiting Jiejia, user centered, red share... Drops of all commercial advertising, all hit the "Tencent cloud provides cloud computing services," the words.

[rise] a poster for you to uncover the mystery of human travel

From the original era, agricultural era, industrial era, and then to today's mobile Internet era, the way people travel every time changes, are a microcosm of the times, but also a dream of a beautiful dream to pursue.

Nanjing City Public Security Bureau to reach cooperation with Tencent, the construction of the wisdom of the cloud"

December 29th afternoon, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Tencent Inc. The two sides will be in the "Internet plus" under the new situation, the use of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data technology, promote the construction of Nanjing wisdom of public security ".

The "IOE" sound still ringing in the reverse "IOE" debut

November 12th, Tencent cloud and Oracle signed a paper agreement, announced that the two sides will work together to lay flat cloud computing, the middle and lower three, for Chinese enterprises to bring a more comprehensive cloud services. News a, immediately caused a hot industry, from the long rumored "Oracle Data Center landing China" to the cliche "to IOE variously.

Tencent cloud lead the game cloud secret here

The Fourth Global Mobile Game Developers Conference (GMGDC) opened in Chengdu in November 19th. In the Asia Pacific region's most influential mobile game developers conference, Tencent cloud gaming service center is responsible for Huang Shifei "Tencent, help the game to takeoff," keynote speech, live a full share of Tencent cloud cloud gaming experience accumulation.

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Industry solutions

Micro channel solutions

Aggregation of the most abundant micro channel service providers, build brand micro channel public number, help enterprises micro channel services

Game solutions

Relying on Tencent solid technical foundation, to create a one-stop game solutions for the game to help

Mobile application solution

Polymerization mobile exclusive ability to help mobile developers to easily build and run applications

Tencent cloud public accounts

Micro channel scanning,
Add Tencent cloud public account