Tuba rabbit CEO Wang Guobin: to change the world with technology, through the Internet and traditional industries of wall...

Tuba rabbit, known as the "home improvement industry Uber". From the brokered deal to guarantee transaction to the server remodeling, delivery orders, tuba rabbit architecture from the lamp to SOA, great changes have taken place. Through cloud computing and big data, tuba rabbit hopes to become China's household consumption entrance and the center for the future of digital.

E bag wash Cen Yonghong: 20 times more than expected under the pressure, the architecture how to change?

"Internet +" wave, as the star of the field of laundry B start-up companies, has just received a $1 O2O round of financing e bag wash from the beginning of the 0 set up the structure is how to successfully respond to the challenges posed by many times business summit. CSDN cloud computing related issues to interview the e bag wash technology partner Cen Yonghong.

Drops taxi CTO Zhang Bo: Battle of life and death, technology and time race

Said "Bo master" of the taxi drops CTO Zhang Bo said: "three years, basically every day 'War'. Eyes every day to a matter of life and death. And in the life and death speed, we are happy to find a lot of valuable experience, training a large number of outstanding talents."

Tencent cloud Qiu Yuepeng: build a cloud ecosystem, a full range of support for Entrepreneurship

Vice president of Tencent Inc, Tencent cloud in charge of Qiu Yuepeng at the seventh China Cloud Computing Conference published a speech entitled "Tencent cloud, achievement of the road," the speech.

From developers to business users, Tencent cloud future ready to do?

Tencent after just one year of growth has become the cloud industry famous industry pacesetter, and in growth through cloud service constantly to help enterprises to connect more customers and to promote the development and growth of enterprises.

Internet and traditional Internet companies are the main line

Tencent open platform to Tencent Tencent cloud and cloud computing company, Chen Lei always stand at the forefront. He on the cloud computing industry thinking, quadrupling the size analysis, embrace open source of ideas, planning of the construction of ecological system, and determine the main line of the development of Internet and traditional Internet business, is very clear.

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Industry solutions

Micro channel solution

Aggregate the most abundant micro channel service providers, to create a brand micro channel public number, help businesses micro channel service

Game solution

Rely on Tencent strong technical basis, to build a one-stop solution for the game, for the game to help

Mobile application solution

Aggregation of mobile exclusive ability to help mobile developers to easily build and run applications

Tencent cloud public accounts

Micro channel scan,
Add Tencent cloud public accounts