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Using Qualcomm ® The whole set of software and hardware solutions can improve the easier perception, better connectivity, more intelligence and more convenient interaction of the next generation embedded system.

Qualcomm ® A complete set of software and hardware tools can help you develop immersive, host quality games and graphics effects on mobile devices. Through billions of snapdragons around the world ™ Devices, our optimization tools can help you show the world what your game can achieve.

Qualcomm ® Internet of animals (IOT) innovation is being promoted to enable developers to use the tools they need to create connected applications, experiences and devices. When tens of billions of items are connected to each other through the cloud, IOT can open higher energy efficiency, personalized services and new experiences.

snapdragon ™ The mobile processor is Qualcomm ® Developed a complete system on chip solution series product series, which meets the needs of users and provides excellent user experience and longer battery life.

Xiaolong NPE SDK

This SDK helps developers run one or more neural network models trained by Cafe / caffe2 or tensorflow on Xiaolong mobile platform.

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[blog] Introduction to hexagon graphics analyzer (IX)

This paper mainly introduces hexagon graphics analyzer.

Qualcomm Adreno ES

Time: 10:41:53, August 31, 2021Source:CSDN blog

[blog] Introduction to hexagon graphics analyzer (8)

The profiler Filter dialog box is used to add data filters to the chart view


Time: 10:25:32, August 30, 2021Source:CSDN blog

[information] Qualcomm launched the world's first UAV platform enabled by 5g and AI, opening a new era of autonomous flying UAVs

After Qualcomm flight platform helped the "smart" helicopter successfully complete the key breakthrough of unmanned flight on Mars, Qualcomm technologies continued to strengthen its leadership in the field of UAVs and launched the world's first UAV platform and reference design enabled by 5g and Ai - Qualcomm flight RB5 5g platform.


Time: 2021-08-27 10:26:42Source:CSDN information

[info] what is the next step in nexoptical edge image processing

The term "image processing" includes a number of different tasks, including basic knowledge such as computational photography, computer vision algorithms, and even image compression. One thing all these programs have in common is that as the quality of input data improves, performance and results will also improve.


Time: 10:24:11, August 27, 2021Source:CSDN information

[blog] Introduction to hexagon graphics analyzer (VII)

The open Profiler Data File dialog box lets you specify the location of the profiler data file and its associated symbol file for a new profiler session.


Time: 2021-08-27 10:03:36Source:CSDN blog

[blog] Introduction to hexagon graphics analyzer (6)

Many graphical charts provide scaling capabilities to view coarse-grained or fine-grained data. By default, each graphical chart first displays its data in a fully reduced (i.e., coarse) view. Note that rough views may combine data in ways that do not distinguish fine details. To see the details, zoom in on the data.


Time: 10:59:10, August 26, 2021Source:CSDN blog

[blog] Introduction to hexagon graphics analyzer (V)

The profiler application window includes a menu bar, a toolbar, and a perspective bar. To open the profile data file from the analyzer, select open from the file menu bar; A dialog box then appears allowing you to select the file to open. For more information, see Section 3.3.


Time: 13:05:34, August 25, 2021Source:CSDN blog

[information] Xiaomi mix 4 release: Amazing return, comprehensive screen re evolution

Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi mix 4. As the latest exploration of the comprehensive screen form of mix series, Xiaomi mix 4 brings a new cup comprehensive screen technology, which not only makes the screen have a non porous appearance, but also ensures a normal selfie experience. Meanwhile, Xiaomi mix 4 is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 888 plus 5g mobile platform, which has powerful performance and many new features and experiences.


Time: 10:19:18, August 24, 2021Source:CSDN information

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"Qualcomm honorary technical ambassador" is the certification of Qualcomm developer community on the technical ability and influence of developers and users. This honor represents the recognition and affirmation of Qualcomm community on users' contributions.

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Qualcomm's business in China has developed rapidly, providing a large number of technical posts every year, distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. Qualcomm developer community is a place where developers hide dragons and crouching tigers. Qualcomm China HR has specially set up a recruitment channel. Developers and students are welcome to sign up enthusiastically.

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