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Welcome to Qualcomm hardware development Club

Qualcomm snapdragon processor or other Qualcomm Technology Based on the design of the hardware, the purpose is to let developers as soon as possible with a new generation of hardware configuration and moaned a step accounted for the initiative. Designed for the development of embedded to enterprise applications, all things Internet (IoE) /M2M demand and design of the development platform, and has built a cellular network connection.

The availability of a cellular network connection will be different depending on the network operator.

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QCA4010 Internet of things chip solutions

Qualcomm a new generation of Internet of things chip solution QCA4010, for programmers to provide a 800KB chip available memory, as well as a set of extended interface, can be directly connected with the sensor, display. Support UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, USB, SDIO, GPIO in the construction of 8 sets of high precision PWM, 8 groups of ADC.


The DragonBoard development kit

DragonBoard development platform is based on a set of snapdragon processor, by third party supplier development tools. This tool is developed to help developers to better use of snapdragon processor, and help developers to make full use of pins, connector, adaptor, extended first-class hardware and function, for their products for developing and debugging.


Single board computer development (SBC)

Single board computer refers to the same circuit board, the micro processor, memory, input and output devices and other functional components together to form a complete functional complete computer. Based on SBC Xiao dragon processor is a development platform and business solutions, which can shorten the time of the application of multimedia and intelligent development.


Mobile development platform (MDP)

Based on Qualcomm snapdragon processor of mobile development platform (MDP) including smart phones MDP/S and intelligent plate MDP/T is essential for developers development tools. These new generation of hardware can let developers and hardware manufacturers early to experience high performance of Android "development platform, and develop, test and application of optimization. MDP contains Qualcomm the latest hardware, such as Qualcomm snapdragon asynchronous multi core processor, Adreno "GPU processors, hexagon" DSP and other advanced multimedia technologies.


IoE development platform (support for cellular)

The moment, IoE (of Everything Internet) to make the Internet connection has become more extensive. The IoE development platform, which is built in a cellular network connection, provides the necessary hardware and software support for the creation of IoE/M2M devices. The platform javame embedded SDK and other commonly used cellular IoE/M2M development and application components, combined with plate load sensor, an indicator and a relay, IOE development platform can help you for rapid development, and following the application of test scenarios.

Qualcomm developer area is Qualcomm and CSDN jointly established for China Mobile developer's technical area. It will create a first-class development environment for mobile developers to provide a wealth of help and solutions, providing the latest news and the most comprehensive technical download. With games, multimedia, high efficiency and other three users of the most concerned about the technical field as the core, to create a comprehensive mobile developer technical service community.

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DragonBoard 410C Qualcomm development board official technical training: to open the development of the Internet of things

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