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Profiler Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon Profiler is the developer can obtain the most abundant analysis tools of system. The tool is able to show you how to work on a commercial device based on the Snapdragon processor, as well as the software and hardware system. Using Profiler Snapdragon, you can identify the bottlenecks, optimize the application. In addition to view the performance, this tool is also able to provide power and network usage, as well as heat monitoring. Profiler Snapdragon supports Realtime, Capture Snapshot and Capture Trace three modes, you can optimize the application performance and power consumption through the analysis.


As a desktop application, the user can now use Profiler Windows in Snapdragon, later will support the Linux and X OS system. Profiler Snapdragon can be connected with the Snapdragon processor equipped with commercial equipment.



Profiler Snapdragon function:


  • The plug and play into a commercial equipment and commercial application
  • The analysis of data including: performance, energy consumption, heat and network usage
  • The system of regional monitoring support including: Android system, CPU, memory, GPU tracking, connection

Debugger for Visual Studio Snapdragon download:

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