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Beyond JavaScript years of Web:2015

Published in17:05 2016-01-04|915 reading|0 comments

Networking community in 2015 gained great development, this article will discuss and summarize the development of networking and javascript technology this year, and those to be able to use JavaScript to develop networking equipment, and the technology development status.

Design method of LBS recommendation system

Published in15:45 2016-01-04|407 reading|0 comments

Recommendation system is the core of the system of interest point, this paper will focus on the recommendation system. Recommendation system is a very big problem, this paper mainly describes the design method of the recommendation system, including the mathematical foundation and design principle of the recommendation system.

Application case analysis of recommendation system

Published in17:34 2016-01-04|298 reading|0 comments

This chapter will continue to talk about the application of the recommended system. In order to illustrate the recommendation system of detailed implementation plan, this chapter begins with a detailed introduction to the implementation case for a music recommendation system, after in order to let the readers have a clear large-scale recommender system principle, this paper briefly introduces the technical scheme recommended by a Taobao surrounding the point of interest.

Jingdong commodity details page to deal with the "double 11" large flow of technical practice

Published in16:52 2015-12-28|7799 reading|11 comments

This paper is according to into100 Jingdong Senior Java Engineer Zhang Kaitao on November the 21st day in msup sponsored salon's 14 issue of the Jingdong product details page with large flow of some practice "speech to share content and sorted, and introduces the product details page deals with service, details page technical architecture and frame to practice experiences.

A comprehensive review and summary of the IT disaster in ten years

Published in09:43 2015-12-28|8280 reading|8 comments

This paper reviews the IT disaster in ten years, and summarizes some experiences. Selected the most interesting, most illustrative of the large IT system and project failure cases from the event, and produced 5 interactive topics.

Interview with Mycat core development member Wang Jinjian: with Mycat easily resist massive concurrency

Published in14:51 2015-12-25|5779 reading|8 comments

Recently, the author interviewed Mycat core members of the development team Wang Jian Jin, please he Mycat the technical characteristics of the interpretation of that Mycat team anecdotes and experience sharing. As a developer must keep up with the development of technology, to further improve the traditional understanding of the database, but also to master more new database technology and cloud services.

Architect Yu Xiaobo: Meizu real time messaging architecture

Published in17:51 2015-12-22|12693 reading|30 comments

This paper is based on wavelet Meizu architects jointly organized by the msup Meizu # Meizu technology open day # speech share content and sorted, wavelet shared Meizu real-time news push architecture which encountered in the pit and some experience experience.

"Home" is more open, connection

Published in14:05 2015-12-22|3817 reading|10 comments

Sdcc 2015 after we have received many developers to write notes, this is one of them, the author believes that the Congress to give him the biggest inspiration and change, is to return to the company, pay close attention to the focus of internal sharing mechanism, including foreign exchange learning mechanism. Not open, there is no progress, there is no connection, there is no breakthrough.

Interview with Ren Yugang: from rookie to senior engineer of the advanced road

Published in08:25 2015-12-22|17813 reading|45 comments

From a rookie evolution as senior engineer, in his view, their bitter history, even though he has become a senior engineer, but he still did not dare to claim to be the "master", because the technology is endless, the technology should entertain a reverence for the psychological.

How to get valuable user feedback?

Published in21:01 2015-12-21|1616 reading|8 comments

How to get valuable user feedback, so as to develop the real needs of users of the product? This is a problem that every Venture Company must seriously consider. Sippey Twitter, a former vice president of product Michael, shares his experience: "one of the most important principles + three steps".

Industry hot spots

Ali distributed database service DRDS

With the advent of the Internet age, the amount of data to be managed by the computer is rising exponentially, while we are completely unable to make accurate estimates of the number of users. This article will introduce the technical concept, development process, technical characteristics and other content of Ali DRDS.

Thinking about the research and development of Java framework

Looking back on the road of Java, especially the development of the Java open source framework of this Jdon experience, I think maybe it is necessary to share with you the gain and loss, for the future reference.

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Java twenty years of special planning

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