18 tips to keep you away from cloud computing security

Yu Yun's SaaS applications will increasingly replace the existing key business systems and services, many companies have seen the benefits of cloud computing, but the challenges and concerns are inevitable. In this paper, 18 tips to help companies deal with the privacy, regulations, and security issues that are relevant to cloud computing.
  • 2015 06 07
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[review] Team Hacking is black, the attacker claimed to have stolen 400GB data

A few days ago, an organization to steal the Italy Team 400GB more than Hacking data and published in the network, stolen data including Team Hacking some of the source code, mail, recording and customer details. The attacker also controlled the Team Hacking twitter account, and use it to publish a stolen e-mail screenshot.
  • 2015 07 07
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AWS announced TLS encryption and open source code library s2n

TLS (SSL) in the AWS has been widely used, AWS in the process of using TLS to find a lot of problems, so some optimization and simplification, in order to allow more people to use the encryption results, AWS put this code library open source.
  • 2015 02 07
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[CTO] KEEN membership interview with the founder and CEO Wang Qi: in GeekPwn, meet the security personnel pole rod

CTO club, Acer earthquake KEEN founder and CEO Wang Qi, said the industry is big bullfrog, GeekPwn launched and founder. Is also the first one of the first regional security response center ChinaMSRC, the former Microsoft headquarters outside the United states. In the near future, Wang Qi introduced the idea and thought of the GeekPwn event.
  • 2015 06 07
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Yongxin sincere and focus to subvert the "hacker" myth of training mode

On 26 June 2015, antique Beijing siheyuan happened a information security related things, turned out to be the myth act famous hacker Wang Yingjian initiated and build "I age" and "e" in the spring and Autumn period safety personnel training platform Yongxin sincerity, the powerful combination of both to subvert the information security personnel training mode.
  • 2015 29 06
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Drops taxi CTO Zhang Bo: Battle of life and death, technology and time race

Said "Bo master" of the taxi drops CTO Zhang Bo said: "three years, basically every day 'War'. Eyes every day to a matter of life and death. And in the life and death speed, we are happy to find a lot of valuable experience, training a large number of outstanding talents."
  • 2015 25 06
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Gartner: use the adaptive security architecture to respond to advanced directional attacks

The current protection function is difficult to respond to advanced targeted attacks, because the enterprise system is subject to continuous attack, and continued to lack of defense, the special way for the emergency response is no longer the right thinking mode, Garnter proposed the use of adaptive security architecture should be targeted at advanced attacks.
  • 2015 24 06
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The Kabasiji laboratory was captured after the four mystery

Kaspersky Lab is Duqu 2.0 captured after many security professionals to code and 0day were in-depth analysis, but there are still a lot of not clear place, in addition to Kaspersky, in addition to other victims of it? What kind of 0Day attack is used? What the attacker did?
  • 2015 18 06
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AWS security best practices #6: periodically reset all keys

We have discussed why it is a bad thing to have a EC2 instance with a API access key. Next, I will discuss the user and other automation processes that can use some characters to escape the entire key management process. However, there are a number of scenarios, the API key is still must be used to.
  • 2015 17 06
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Three principal Zhang Yue: to create a safe and reliable public cloud hardware password

Password hardware is another form of password security industry, the future of many network applications are not separated from the password products, but many people do not know enough password security. With the state of security, autonomy, and more and more high degree of control of the degree of attention, the password industry, in particular, password hardware products will usher in a golden period of development.
  • 2015 11 06
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