Dark cloud first security summit is about to open

A well-known domestic security vulnerability platform cloud network, will be held in Beijing in September 12, 2014 for the first time security summit. It is reported that the summit will focus on the issue of many important areas of security to carry out in-depth study.

Ali cloud combined Newauto construction of TV cloud, YOG live cloud achievements amazing

The rapid arrival of the era of mobile Internet, making the radio and television industry is imminent. Ali cloud combined Newauto construction of TV cloud, realize the acquisition, production, storage, broadcast and control on the whole process of cloud services. The successful practice of the Youth Olympic Games IBC event cloud services, but also confirms the direction of the development of television cloud.

With the open source jBilling, go out and do not have to take the wallet

Perhaps some people will say, I do is a small business, not to such a high on the payment platform. But do you have to do your business for the next 10 years or so? So first understand the characteristics of the jBilling payment platform will help to use it more quickly. Can be left for you a lot of time.

From the Docker container vulnerability to talk about Docker security

Due to the advantages of Docker light, fast, so that it is increasingly hot in the field of PaaS, this article from the container vulnerability to start talking about the Docker security, while also mentioned that there are many aspects of Docker need to improve.

Close to the world of hackers, feel the heartbeat of Cyberspace

August 22, next to the bird's nest a low-key art venue, the system hacking, hacking scripts, wretched flow hackers took turns on stage, to share their latest technology in their respective fields, for the first time in public speaking exposure black production process in detail and mainstream technology, with our experience of hackers, do not forget to the beginning of the heart.

To ensure WorkSpaces security, AWS implementation of multi factor authentication

In order to increase competitiveness in the increasingly fierce competition in the virtual desktop market, last November, Amazon AWS to strengthen the security of DaaS.

IBM 2014 technology summit opened in beijing!

IBM in Beijing held a "mix with tech as the theme for development and operation and maintenance personnel, it practitioners annual technology event, 2014IBM summit.

The most secure mobile phone was ROOT, hackers used only 5 minutes

To strengthen the security of the software also need to manage the open source

New method for security monitoring

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