How to implement the security operation and maintenance management in AWS

Everyone dreaded Heartbleed loopholes and problems related to safety of the patch is pushed to the forefront. The use of a safe operation and maintenance management, or SecOps security software development cycle mode will be able to enhance the security of AWS applications

Blackberry and Google cooperation to ensure the safety of Android equipment

Last year, announced the establishment of a partnership with Samsung and other companies to provide a highly secure mobile solution for Samsung's Android devices". And Wednesday announced a similar partnership with Google to help manage the for Work Android software with the equipment.

Who is the true invisible comrade in arms - the true story of open source software and OpenSSL

Moving stories are very easy to ignore their authenticity, a few days ago in a circle of friends crazy pass on an article about OpenSSL, so that most people are very easy to believe in the text on the open source and security technology. This paper aims at the rumor + science, open source and security is the hotspot of IT technology, we should have a correct understanding.

Second generation firewall standard release: fusion security, depth content detection, application layer performance

In the afternoon of February 4, 2015, the second generation firewall standard conference was held in Beijing. Second generation firewall standard release, for the information security construction to the fusion of the security transition has the guiding significance, while effectively reducing the deployment of a variety of security products to the administrator of the management burden.

Did you make it? 90% data leakage can be avoided.

OTA pointed out that if the company to reconsider its strategic risk, the first half of 2014, 90% of the data leakage is avoidable. A large part of the data leakage is the internal negligence. So companies have to rethink their own security practices are standard, and how to prevent, detect, control and correct data leakage.

From Google, Facebook, Netflix and Cisco of 10 open source security tool is worth pondering

Choice of free open source security software is an important topic, with the emergence of new brands, there are many uncertainties in the choice. But this does not affect the growth in the number of open source security software, the following is a list of Google, Facebook, Netflix and Cisco developed by the open source security software.

Resist information leakage, analysis of the new features of the Oracle11g encryption table space

Data governance areas which are often encountered sensitive data, such as the center of our credit credit data is classified data, and not all of them can be seen, even if there are authorized only see the specified object data, then think about assumptions these data is churn out is a kind of scene.

Mobile Virtualization, the future of mobile security

Common methods of mobile security container proved far from enough, and mobile virtualization can better complete security defense, a machine memory multiple virtual operating system, different special virtual operating system would not disturb, so as to ensure the safety of the privacy and enterprise application system, also can guarantee the overall user experience.

[] don't let Chinese Chatteris Internet good disappear

The social atmosphere is contagious when some flaunt their energy for China to make more contribution to the manufacturers to make the rogue behavior when, the social identity will interfere with "benevolence" in the mainstream behavior, and can also be induced by small companies to follow their practices. This time I support Zhou Hongyi to cry for the user, only because he is doing good.

Fingerprint identification cry: hackers successfully copied fingerprint

Europe's largest Hacker Union, Chaos computer club, said that as long as the use of the camera standard photo, you can get someone's fingerprint. However, this does not mean that the fingerprint lost its use, for personal identification code, can be combined with the password and other measures to bring better security.
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