Quickly change password! 12306 user data password leakage

According to the vulnerability feedback platform clouds show, a large number of 12306 user data in the Internet crazy pass. The leaked user data including user account, password, identity card, email, etc.. Leaked data a total of 131653. It is reported that the leaked data is very easy to get, just a search can be obtained.

The continuous war against free technology

After months of silence, Microsoft recently finally found in the newspapers. The first is a statement of the open source.NET framework for hot debate. Then the windows system has exposed some serious security problems, one of the vulnerabilities can be traced back to windows 95. Free technology as the main part of the FOSS, it is not possible to bypass the topic.

Hackers in 2015, from cloud to mobile devices security trends

Security issues has been the focus of attention, in this year, the hacker attack Sony event also let us see the security of the grim. In 2015, with the rise and development of cloud, Internet of things, mobile devices, more and more things have become the target of attackers. This means more IT administrators need to be vigilant

Safety crisis! Uber R & D biometric technology, hire the former Amazon operations

After signing a strategic cooperation and investment agreement with Baidu, Uber has finally made a technical response to the driver of the incident occurred, will open biometric technology and voice verification and other project research and development work, and hire former Amazon operators responsible for global support, to maximize the service process.

Gmail Google module component is a burst of spy vulnerabilities

Google found its Gmail module components in the presence of suspicious plug-ins can prevent the page from running related code, can bypass the security checks in Gmail Google, so that the user's e-mail privacy leaks risk. Google said the suspect components will not bring disaster to the whole Gmail system.

Aiming at the mobile application security market segments, bang bang safety completed ten million C round of financing

On December 16, bang bang safety in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing held the third round of financing and enterprise strategy conference, bang bang safety founder and CEO Kan Zhigang at the meeting announced the company has successfully completed several tens of millions of dollars in the third round of financing.

Instead of cash and credit cards? Mobile payments need to remove the stumbling block

Mobile payment instead of cash and credit card payment is still a long way, the future of mobile payments can be expected, but still need to make more changes: it is necessary to make it more convenient, more uniform mobile payment and more value for consumers, and other security issues can not be ignored.

Apple mass ban Player Flash!

Due to security problems, Apple's massive ban Player Flash! It is speculated that there may be two reasons, first, Flash will have an impact on battery life; in addition, there are rumors that apple is developing its own mobile phone software, and to iPhone as the backing to promote.

CISCO is a big data security analysis of open source OpenSOC

OpenSOC does have a similar function to SIEM, but it can also be extended by machine learning, large data processing to expand themselves, to adapt to the rapid development of information and network. CISCO's goal is to advance the security research and technology development through visualization and big data technology.

Kubernetes design document security

Kubernetes is a Google open source container cluster management system, which is built on Docker, which provides the functions of resource scheduling, deployment, service discovery, capacity expansion and shrinkage, etc.. SEL Co, the CSDN Lab of Zhejiang University, CO translation of its design document, this article is the first of the series: security.
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