To avoid security risks Android lollipop: these six new features with cooked

Google Android lollipop system & quot; improvement & quot; it is easy to shine at the moment, but there are also people think its behind the convenient also brings some security issues, actually otherwise, when we are familiar with the new features, such as smart lock, control privacy notice, etc., you can avoid a lot of security risks.

Zhou Hongyi: big data technology to fight big data platform security threats

This nine technology will be in 2015 or the future popular

Enterprise science and technology are developing at an incredible pace. The 9 technologies that this forecast may have a profound impact on us in 2015. Whether it is a Docker container or machine learning, open source is a major trend in the future, but also the preferred choice for enterprises to gain competitive advantage.

Zhou Hongyi: big data technology to fight big data platform security threats

Information era, the big data platform carrying a personal computer, mobile intelligent terminals, wearable devices, smart home devices and intelligent vehicles, such as personal, corporate and national level of huge data resources, will inevitably become an important target for hackers, all kinds of hostile forces network attack.

Security skills shortage makes the enterprise network defense into a difficult situation

In more than 1800 of the respondents, the security budget is expected to increase by about 52%, compared with its budget will remain unchanged for 43%. According to the survey, more than half of the enterprises to confirm that they can not strengthen the system's security is the main reason for the lack of skilled experts. Can be seen that the concept of security is not very high.

IT industry, some of the cloud security

Because of the management of cloud services, for the end who is responsible for the security of cloud security. 35% of respondents believe that cloud security responsibility should fall on the use and the provider body; 33% think the responsibility should be borne by the cloud service users; another 32% of respondents believe that cloud service providers have a responsibility to protect cloud security.

The evolution of data center security: Trend Micro focus APT defense and virtualization security

November 27th, the trend of technology in Beijing 3W coffee held a trend of scientific and technological evolution of the data center security and new conference, launched three new security products: Security Deep 9.5, OfficsScan 11 and senior threat mail security gateway DDEI, and released the evolution of data center security white paper.

Interview with Tencent security expert Lu Zhaohua: comprehensive analysis of Tencent mobile payment security network

The first national network security awareness week, Tencent security has demonstrated its strong technical strength and to promote the security of mobile payment security efforts to promote mobile payment. In an interview, Tencent security expert Lu Zhaohua on the mobile payment security risks, protection technology, security industry alliance and other topics for in-depth sharing.

The principle and Realization of the tapping of the wind and cloud

Cloud computing will help small businesses?

Imagine an office where it can be accessed from anywhere on earth. You are free to run your business while your team is located in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States. Each of your employees will have access to the appropriate documentation without the need to maintain your personal servers and storage.
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